A Note To My Blogging Community

I have been taking a religious study course over the past four years. There was a lot of reading and much mental and even some physical power was used. Believe it or not, I am not a very prolific reader. That is why I like blogs because they are by-in-large short articles.

My course is ending on Monday and I hope to be able to rejoin the blogging community as a reader as much as I am a blogger/writer. It’s cool to read and write like a hard disk does. It’s funny how all that works.

Thanks for continuing to follow me and check out my posts. Life can be better with blogging.

Your friend, Tony

Happy Friday, It’s Time For Another Donation.

Happy Friday good people. I hope all is well or getting better.

It was time to donate blood again. It’s my pleasure to do so considering I do work for the blood bank.

Grace and peace and love.

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