Thought Of The Day 10092022

Don’t you hate being reminded how old you are or the fact you are getting older? Those reminders come from all sorts of places and sources. It is just annoying. It only gets worse as you go along in life. My friends, it will happen to everyone. “There’s always something there to remind me” a song once said.

But it is better than an alternative.

Sunday Reflection – No One Is OK

I am not OK. You are not OK. None of us is OK. Now that we have that established we are all humans in need of healing. We all have different ways of getting help. The reality of it all is that being honest about how we are feeling can get us closer to being whole.

As a human believer, I am not perfect and sometimes the divine has to step in to give me comfort and assurance. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you are free from the troubles of the world. Sometimes life is about going through troubles and having the creator walk with you through it all.

No matter what, just hang in there. Know that there are people out there to encourage you. Hope is also a powerful thing. Also, there is that thing called love where many of us are going to know they will make it knowing that no one is OK. OK.

Grace and peace to you all my friends.