Thought Of The Day 12222022

Friends, it’s going to be really cold here overnight. People are getting ready for it by going to Walmart and the Grocery Store. Add that it’s the Thursday before Christmas then it’s even more chaotic. Life is oh so very interesting during days like this.

To The Dudes, Feel Your Feels #MentalHealth

My friends it’s very human to be emotional. I hope you will be free to show that emotion. To the dudes out there I encourage you to be vulnerable and allow yourself to visit with things that make you feel whatever you need to feel. It’s more than OK my dudes to feel emotion.

Too many of us push stuff down and that includes me. During this holiday season let your guard down and do what you need to do in order to have a balanced life that includes emotions and expressions of such. Love and peace to you all.

Mental health matters for everyone especially for men.