Sunday Reflection – Rest

The need for rest is important. In scripture, rest is a must. We do much better as human beings when we have it. Unfortunately, some cannot have much rest because they have to be constantly working to make a living or just to fight for their rights. Everyone must be afforded rest no matter their situation. It can be exhausting having to be on the go every day.

The rest I am speaking of comes from being able to just breathe, restore one’s spirit and feel a sense of freedom. Sleep is rest but so is the ability to just slow down and just exist freely. When you are done with your day’s work the greatest thing is to go home, enjoy a meal and do other things.

Resting can mean finding a place to go where you can recharge and renew. Our souls are better when they are refreshed. May we all find that secret sauce that will help us find the rest we need so that our journey will be good. Also, may we help others find rest as they fight the good fight and not add to their struggle.

Rest my friends. Rest.