More Writer Than Reader

My friends, I have been a prolific blog poster in my many years with various blogging platforms. I have been known to post 5 or more times a day. Being a prolific reader is another story. Blogging community I have been severely lapsed in reading your posts and that doesn’t seem fair considering you read and comment on mine.

I am hoping to change that and spend more time seeing what is happening in your world and in your head through your work. I ask for your forgiveness. I will work to do better. Thank you for your connections and communications. You all rock.

Your friend in blogging, Tony

Happy Cinco de Mayo Friday

As we celebrate Cinco de Mayo may we take time to remember Mexico’s victory over France in 1862 as we consume mass quantities of Mexican food and beer. Celebrate mindfully and have fun. Also celebrate that it’s Friday too. Have a great day good people.