Class of 2023 – A Time For Diplomas and Degrees

Graduations are happening in many places which means that high school and college/university students are receiving hard-earned diplomas and degrees. Their hard work hopefully has prepared them for the next chapter in their lives. Let’s hope they will make the world a better place for everyone. May they prosper in all their endeavors in the years ahead. Congratulations good people, well done!

A Life Of Collections

Daily writing prompt
Do you have any collections?

One thing about me is that I am sentimental. I have collections of childhood toys that I don’t want to part with. I also have a collection of tchotchkes of the nerd persuasion in my little nerd corner of the world. Also, I have a small mug collection. I could safely say that my collections pale in comparison to others I have seen online who have an entire house full of things that bring joy to their lives. Collections tells the story of the person who has compiled them.