Towing and Recovery, There When You Need It


A Classic Tow Truck from The Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum, Chattanooga, TN

Tonight on the way home from dinner I came off a curb and my car’s muffler fell off its mounts. I couldn’t go any further so I had to call my insurance company to have them send a tow truck. This really nice guy that was dispatched to help me, got there assessed the problem and fixed my car on the spot. His experience and knowledge made the difference. This meant I didn’t have to go to a garage where they might have charged me to fix the problem.

My friends, you see towing and recovery trucks all over. Where there are cars there are people to help you out of a jam in case of an accident or doing something stupid like I did. These men and women are dedicated to their profession and they do it in sometimes dangerous conditions. Whenever you come across a tow truck operator thank them for what they do to keep people safe and to keep traffic flowing.

Thank you tow truck operators for all you do.

Daily Prompt: Radiate

The sun and heart radiate warmth. Both things that are good and necessary for a good life. We need more things that radiate positivity in such a negative world. People who radiate light and love can change things for the better and we need that now more than ever. It all starts from the center of each of us and spreads out to others. We make a choice every day in what we reflect to those around us and that can influence people more than you know.

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The Anniversary Weekend Has Begun

559444_10151548274129917_1416816339_nMy weekend has begun as it is anniversary weekend for my wife and I.

We are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. Hard to believe we have been together this long, I am grateful for the good times and the not so good times. Our wedding eve was spent in rehearsal and in the company of our family and friends. There’s something to be said about a life spent with someone you really love!