Good Intentions Gone Viral

When you see one of those videos that goes viral do you ask yourself what is the back story here? I find myself being cynical about a video going around about a kid named Keaton who was being bullied at school. It is my hope that his parent had good intentions about doing the video and not to exploit her son who is clearly suffering at school. Our instincts can fill in the holes on a story if we ask the right questions. Needless to say I hope there are good intentions and that everything is on the up and up here.

4 thoughts on “Good Intentions Gone Viral

  1. In her Facebook post she said he asked to do the video after she picked him from school when he was too afraid to go to lunch. All seems well intentioned! I’m glad he’s getting a ton of support from this.

    But you’re right, there are some viral videos that aren’t born out of good intentions.

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      1. I understand Tony. I think there are too many children exploited for personal gain. But from the news report I read, Keaton asked his mother to film this after a particularly bad bullying attack. I also noticed he doesn’t just talk about himself, but also other kids being bullied at his school. And now there are professional football players planning to visit the school! Hopefully this will shine a much needed light on this problem.

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