Sunday Reflection – Making Room

I feel like my responsibility as a believer and as a human being is to make space for more people to be welcomed and part of the action of life. No matter the chaos that someone brings it’s important that they have a seat at the table where they can be fed and nourished.

Granted I am not always good at it but I know my heart and mind seek to do those things that can make people feel they are valued. It’s not easy but it requires open minds and hearts to do the work of inclusion. No matter your background you should always feel welcomed.

I have the belief that a bigger tent is better than the narrow way that leads to exclusion. My friends I hope you too will do those things to build your community and have an inner circle that is never complete. Love can build those bridges and so much more. Making room is a good thing, God knows that is true.

Sunday Reflection – Rest

The need for rest is important. In scripture, rest is a must. We do much better as human beings when we have it. Unfortunately, some cannot have much rest because they have to be constantly working to make a living or just to fight for their rights. Everyone must be afforded rest no matter their situation. It can be exhausting having to be on the go every day.

The rest I am speaking of comes from being able to just breathe, restore one’s spirit and feel a sense of freedom. Sleep is rest but so is the ability to just slow down and just exist freely. When you are done with your day’s work the greatest thing is to go home, enjoy a meal and do other things.

Resting can mean finding a place to go where you can recharge and renew. Our souls are better when they are refreshed. May we all find that secret sauce that will help us find the rest we need so that our journey will be good. Also, may we help others find rest as they fight the good fight and not add to their struggle.

Rest my friends. Rest.

Sunday Reflection – Community

Being in a community means different things to different people. Whether it be in-person or virtually having connections hopefully can create a bond that can convey respect and love. Barbara Streisand sang “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world” and I tend to agree with that. Of course, boundaries are essential for healthy connections and community.

You create a society in schools, libraries, retail shops, work, museums, sports, houses of worship, and other spaces. Of course, online communities can transcend time and space. Many online communities came about from the Coronavirus pandemic. In any case, it requires being intentional about making communities work and thrive.

I hope I am the best person I can be no matter what community/group I find connections in. Hopefully, building connections can make us all better people.

Sunday Reflection – Worthy Of Grace

Working for justice is an important act of love and peace. It requires a lot of us. Caring for the least fortunate is humanity in practice. There are some who are by society’s standards aren’t desirable but they need grace the most. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone is worthy of forgiveness.

I think compassion is in short supply and we need to generate more of it. My friends may we all be humble and extend arms that embrace those who struggle in life. May the creator be with us all as we live imperfect lives.

People are worthy of grace in abundance no matter who they are. Let’s hope we all learn from our mistakes and seek to be better and do better.

(I believe in what I just said in this post. However, there are some who need to be held accountable for their actions that have done great harm to others. They are worthy of forgiveness too but they also must ask for forgiveness for what they have done.)

Sunday Reflection – No One Is OK

I am not OK. You are not OK. None of us is OK. Now that we have that established we are all humans in need of healing. We all have different ways of getting help. The reality of it all is that being honest about how we are feeling can get us closer to being whole.

As a human believer, I am not perfect and sometimes the divine has to step in to give me comfort and assurance. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you are free from the troubles of the world. Sometimes life is about going through troubles and having the creator walk with you through it all.

No matter what, just hang in there. Know that there are people out there to encourage you. Hope is also a powerful thing. Also, there is that thing called love where many of us are going to know they will make it knowing that no one is OK. OK.

Grace and peace to you all my friends.

Sunday Reflection – 09182022

In the afterlife, money won’t mean much. You can’t carry it or anything else with you. Forgiving debt is a moral thing to do. We can’t get away from taxes, mortgage/rent, and everyday expenses but there are things we can do to make life easier for those we love and those who just need a break that we can provide.

Justice is an important thing and it’s what can make the biggest impact on our world. It comes in many forms and it’s amazing. So many people are struggling in one way or another and if they can encounter some grace and mercy it could do something wonderful for them.

Don’t forget to love and forgive those who need it and that includes yourself.

Sunday Reflection: Love Is An Opportunity

It’s important to entertain the least of these in the world. We never know what their back story is. Love requires that of us. It also means that you have a chance to impact the lives of people who need it. The opportunity to impact the course of someone’s life is exciting.

Taking care of those who aren’t pretty or polished is a challenge and requires our better angels to do so. In a world where people need love, we have to be willing to be brave and bold.

So my friends learn to do good things that can change the direction of people who need love more than anything.

Sunday Reflection: Lifting Up And Change

It’s nice to be cheered on in the good things you are doing. There are also times when you are down a little to be lifted up to get you back on track. Spirits both past and present are seeing you and hopefully giving you a hand up while you do the things you are doing.

Personally, I believe God loves all and wants everyone to feel the love that can sustain and help us all prosper. As a believer, I find it better to encourage than to do something else.

Even as we do our own activities there comes change. It can make life feel new and exciting but it means leaving some old stuff behind. Change can make us feel uncomfortable but sometimes it is necessary. Burning forests can clear stuff out for new things to come forth.

The fire burns and hopefully we change from it. I know for me it’s a spiritual thing and that is powerful.