Thought Of The Day 09042021

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on things. However sometimes those opinions can suck the enjoyment out of life. I have been guilty of having such opinions but you know I see some folks online who all they have to say is negative stuff. As I have said before beware the comments because they can only bring you down. All I have to say is lighten up and that goes for me too.

Thought Of The Day 03112021

It has been a year since the pandemic became a part of our lives. As a helpful reminder that we are not out of the woods yet. Continue to stay healthy, helpful and calm. We still have much to do until we can all be together again. Love and peace to you all my friends.

Thought Of The Day 011421

A silly or stupid sense of humor will get you through 2021. Dad jokes and other nonsense might just save us all. Humanity and humor are needed now more than ever. It’s more than OK to laugh. It’s good for the soul or sole.