Daily Prompt: Degree

Right now students are sweating out the final exams of their university/college careers. They will walk across a stage to receive a degree that is the cumulation of years of hard work and sleepless nights. Other people are suffering burns of a certain degree that has changed their lives forever. Crimes are being committed of a certain degree of seriousness that will send someone to prison. The weather is measured in degrees. It seems that the word degree has a lot of uses and purposes depending on situations in life. Degree is also a brand of antiperspirant/deodorant that can keep people from sweating the small stuff or the big stuff.

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Daily Prompt: Age

Age they say is just a number, its also a statement of your life. Each number you reach is a witness to history both personal and global. Your age means different things at different points in your life. Thirteen you become a teenager, sixteen you get to drive, eighteen you become an adult, twenty-one you get to drink (in the USA) and much later at 65-70 you think about retirement. So the older you get the more you get to experience. Age is generational and how you relate to others can be impacted by the differences in ones age. Now age can be a good thing with cheese, wine and antiques. Their value increases the older they get. At this point in my life I am trying to remain relevant and to understand the world around me. Enjoy every age you become because you are a different person each year you become.

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Daily Prompt: One-Way

Some streets are one-way, meaning there is traffic that goes in one direction. For some there is only one-way to do something. In both situations there is little choice but to go with the flow. In a world full of choice and option some find one-way a comfort and perhaps holding on to the past. Life also has one-way or another of leveling things out and making people take notice of how narrow they are thinking. One-way is not always the best way.

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Daily Prompt: Bite

When facing a daunting task its good to take it one bite at a time. Eating a meal requires one bite at a time. A bite can be something smaller than its whole. Bites can leave a mark that can leave behind some of you. A vampire only needs a bite to change someone into a vampire themselves or perhaps to suck the blood out of someone. It only took a spiders bite to create a superhero. A bite can do a lot of things…both good and not so good.

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Daily Prompt: Underdog

In the game of life there is a underdog. It’s a person/team who is competing against someone or something bigger than they are. People like an underdog because of the big vs. small sort of thing that is a classic story. You can’t help but to cheer for the people who against all odds are trying to make history and to win the day. On any given day an underdog can win, they can also lose. With some luck and skill an underdog can be the champion.

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Daily Prompt: Egg

An egg is a delicate thing. When you crack it you can do amazing things with it such as make omelets, cookies, cakes and other good things. Eggs are also the cradle of life where living things originate from when they are fertilized. Without the egg our lives as we know them are not the same and do not exist. Its amazing something that is the egg is a powerful thing depending on how its used.

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Daily Prompt: Prefer

Paper or plastic, Pepsi or Coca Cola, chocolate or vanilla. What you prefer can say something about you and says something about your tastes. Our preferences are things to pay attention to if you want to make someone happy. What we want is what we want but we can’t have our own way all the time. What you prefer is one thing but what is available is another.

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Daily Prompt: Identity

Ones identity is an outward and inward expression of who they are. Everything from race, gender, occupation, orientation, religion, family, community and education make us who we are in many ways. Our identity can come from people and things that influence us. How we live and work can be a part of telling someone who we are. Sometimes our identity can be a trademark and sometimes it can be a liability. Our connections can identify who we are. Next time you take a look at your ID you can get a snapshot of who you are and where you come from. The most important thing is to be yourself as your primary identity.

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