Daily Prompt: Believe

If you have been coming around this here blog of mine you have seen a post or two about faith, religion, spirituality and that sort of thing. Yes, I am a believer, a believer in a loving and caring creator who is here to offer the world amazing things. God, Yahweh, Allah, Great Spirit no matter what your name for the creator is there is something to believe in if you are so inclined. (I love Jesus and I cuss a little, drink a little too).

Now I don’t believe in a creator who is destructive, mean-spirited and vengeful. We get enough of that from human beings who can and have used what they believe to marginalize people because they don’t fit in. It’s sad how many people have been tossed aside because their beliefs and faith aren’t what some people think it should be. I believe there can be a middle way or Via Media.

There is also the need to respect those who have chosen not to believe, although they seem to reflect the light and love in the god they don’t believe in better than those who believe. What you believe is your own business and what I believe in is a big table, a wide circle and there is room for more.

I love and respect you my blogging community. Believe it or not.

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Daily Prompt: Fashionable

Being fashionable is more than clothing and jewelry and makeup and shoes. It’s about ones inside appearance that impacts how people view them. Fashionable means how you present what you do to the world. The clothing of your heart, the perfume of your soul, the shoes of your walk in the world. I see a lot of fashion plates who look amazing on the outside but they are just as lovely on the inside where I think it matters most.

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Daily Prompt: Witty

Witty is about being funny. It’s also about being smart. Having your wits about you. Telling a joke is one form of being witty, something pithy, something intelligent. I think being witty is a way to share the truth that goes down like something sweet and cool. It’s good to be witty in the world we live in.

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Daily Prompt: Sting

A bee sting can be painful or any sort of bad news. A sting can come and go quickly but sometimes there is some lasting after effect that changes you. In life you have the sweet victory but other times there is a stinging loss. How we react to both situations reveals who we are in a way.

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Daily Prompt: Snack

Snacking is great especially during a long day at work. Protein is king to keep you fueled. My favorite snacks tend to have copious amounts of peanut butter in them along with some form of chocolate, nuts and pretzels. I also enjoy peanuts on their own along with the occasional cashew. Of course there are chips and dip which is always interesting. Snacking is not bad if done in moderation. Often snacks have to take the place of meals when you are so busy you can’t slow down to have a legit breakfast, lunch or dinner. In my drawer at work there are a good assortment of snacks to keep me going. Like anyone I enjoy quality nibbles at home during the evening.

What is your favorite snack:

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Daily Prompt: Meddle

There is a difference between heavy metal and heavy meddle. One is music and the other is someone who gets in your business and other affairs. No one likes to be meddled with whether it be family or friends. The right to do what you like is something people take seriously. I remember the cartoon Scooby Doo where the teen detectives meddle in the business of the guy trying to scare people off. Perhaps its best not to meddle in other people’s stuff because it could come back to bite you.

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