Rambling About Buzzkills

It seems some folks enjoy being a total buzzkill when people try to dream about a better tomorrow. It’s like they want to be mired in the muck of life. Has the world stopped dreaming of possibilities in favor of a stark reality that makes the world a less better place. I am confident in saying that people deep down want something different but they have given up the notion it could actually happen, I think everything is possible we just need a change in attitude and perhaps latitude.

A Ramble About Inclusion

I’m a bit of an oddball but everyone seeks to belong to something that makes them feel a part of a group or community. Every person should have the freedom to be themselves and to be comfortable in that expression. Inclusion is a wonderful thing and being asked to be a part of a squad is something special. Life is too short to go it alone.

A Ramble About The Afterlife

We worry about the goodness to come in the afterlife that we fail to make things good in the life we live day-to-day. In my mind it’s really selfish to want the glory of heaven/paradise when there is much to be done to live the best life you can in the here and now. Death is a part of life, it’s the conclusion of ones earthly existence but ones story does continue to be written I think when we continue to be a part of that stream of consciousness and existence in the heavenly places. Our higher power, our creator gave us the gifts of people, places, things to sustain us while here on this planet created for life. We owe it to the ones we love to be there for them and to vigorously embrace them in a profound way. Until we are called to the company of saints then we still have much living to do. It would be a shame to leave this place worse than we found it in our birth.

A Ramble About Critics

Critics are everywhere. We all have an opinion but some share it loudly and perpetually they hate everything. TV, Music, Stage, Movies, Art, Food all have people who think they know what is good and you know they don’t know everything. People who find faults in everything seem to have an agenda. Maybe critics should realize how hard people work on something and hope its well received by everyone. Perhaps they think they can do something better. Critics can influence but their views don’t always mean something is of quality or not. Ultimately the greatest critic can be how well something does commercially and if the public likes it or not. Money can change everyone’s mind.

A Ramble About Guns

The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution (the one about gun ownership) was not set up for the modern arsenal we have today. More, powerful guns are a problem not answer. Too many people are dying because weapons of mass destruction are becoming easier to get it seems. Why make something that is guaranteed to kill on a large scale?

A Ramble About The Struggle

The struggle is very real and so are people. Each one of us goes into the battlefield of life wanting to win the war but we do so after being wounded in body and soul. The people we think of as our comrades can turn on us and become our enemies. We all struggle daily to keep on going and relief and comfort are hard to come by. In the end we have to care for ourselves when others disappoint us. Our hope is the future will bring us friendships that will sustain us for years.

A Ramble About Keeping Your Cool In The Lean Moments

To make anything happen when you are short on resources requires ingenuity and team work. I have been reminded of how you have to inspire others and to remain positive when things are not optimal in the situation you are in. For many the reaction when you are behind the eight ball is to panic but you can’t do that. Cooler heads will always prevail.

You have to be a little fearless and experimental to get through the obstacles of the moment. Now it’s OK to be a little afraid as long as you don’t show those cards to anyone. Confidence is a significant asset too (something I am working on) but most importantly keeping your focus on the task at hand can lead to good things. Always keep your chin up your eyes looking forward and find your motivation to move forward.

Rambling About Heat

Heat can bring things together, it can can tear people apart. Sweat is a result of a body burning off fuel. Without heat things can’t grow. Heat can make it hard to rest at night. In the heat of the night lovers come together. The heat of the moment can show in your eyes someone once sang. Heat is energy going in all different places and spaces. A hot summer night can be a time to celebrate. Heat can make something taste better, different. We need heat in the same measure we need cold. May heat be something that makes life better, not worse.