A Ramble About Culture/Religion

For some the culture is their religion. When religion fails someone they need something to connect them to something with meaning and to one another. As a person of faith/religion I get that. Everyone needs someone whether it be divine or secular. Jesus Christ Superstar a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber addressed some of that. Jesus as a cultural Icon. Sometimes we all just need that thing that gives us hope when all seems to be lost and finding it means being divergent and taking other roads to the eternal or the next life to come.

A Ramble About Oil and Money

It’s sad how oil, money and power have really screwed up the lives of millions. Oil and money seem to power a lot of machines and motivates people. Is the fight over them worth all the blood and souls lost. Interesting times we exist in. Thinking about Iran, Iraq and the not so good ole US of A

A Ramble About Mental Health

A group from my church are exploring mental health and supporting one another in those situations where life gets too much. Having resources and compassion can help a great deal. Across the blogosphere much is written about the subject and I will admit I don’t know it all but from my experience admitting you have a problem, getting help and even medication can help you through the tough times.

Personally I am dealing with depression so I am coping the best I can. There is way more to it I know but you know support and understanding is important. Bring those into the fold who suffer and make time to help and get help. This is the first I will post on this issue as I learn much more.

A Ramble About Sometimes

Sometimes you are happy

Sometimes you are just very sad

Sometimes you are secure

Sometimes you are scared to death

Sometimes you are rich

Sometimes you are wondering about bills

Sometimes you are the life of the party

Sometimes you are in the corner alone

Sometimes you are prosperous

Sometimes you are barely getting by

Sometimes you are fully present

Sometimes you are totally lost

Sometimes you are faithful

Sometimes you are agnostic

Sometimes you are attractive

Sometimes you are just not appealing

Sometimes you are good

Sometimes you are wicked

Sometimes you are where you should be

Sometimes you are dreaming about elsewhere

Sometimes you are the comedy

Sometimes you are the tragedy

Sometimes you are, well Sometimes

A Ramble About The New Things

Something about new things. Whether it be new clothes, new toys, new relationships, new homes…that sort of thing. There are many of us seeking new opportunities and perhaps a new life altogether. It’s akin to having a new world to seek all these things in. It’s important to know that with the new means leaving behind the old. Not easy if you ask me. It’s easier to start from a clean slate, from a new place. and a new perspective. The people in our lives that have come before and have left this world sought new things too. What does this mean of the older things? Everything old can be made new again and you can teach a old dog a new trick if given the chance.

A Ramble About Immigration

Using a holy text to keep families apart because you are afraid of them is morally repugnant and evil. There is zero justification for it. Shame on those who are advancing it as policy of a sinister government.

Immigration is a complex issue but families should never be separated. What is happening is not what this country is made of. Now its becoming a shell of itself. Truly sad things are happening.

A Ramble About Diversity

Without diversity, people who have traditionally not had a place at the table or opportunities to advance would still be on the outside looking in. Glass ceilings would not be shattered and women and minorities would be relegated to second class, second tier status. People who complain about diversity it seems want to keep things the way they were and to allow no one else to enjoy the advantages they have had throughout their lives.

No doubt I have benefited from my race and gender and I regret that others have not been afforded the same. It’s past time for a lot of things to happen for the least of these and maybe life should find a way for everyone to have equity, equality, life, liberty and happiness.