A Ramble About Guns

The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution (the one about gun ownership) was not set up for the modern arsenal we have today. More, powerful guns are a problem not answer. Too many people are dying because weapons of mass destruction are becoming easier to get it seems. Why make something that is guaranteed to kill on a large scale?

A Ramble About The Struggle

The struggle is very real and so are people. Each one of us goes into the battlefield of life wanting to win the war but we do so after being wounded in body and soul. The people we think of as our comrades can turn on us and become our enemies. We all struggle daily to keep on going and relief and comfort are hard to come by. In the end we have to care for ourselves when others disappoint us. Our hope is the future will bring us friendships that will sustain us for years.

A Ramble About Keeping Your Cool In The Lean Moments

To make anything happen when you are short on resources requires ingenuity and team work. I have been reminded of how you have to inspire others and to remain positive when things are not optimal in the situation you are in. For many the reaction when you are behind the eight ball is to panic but you can’t do that. Cooler heads will always prevail.

You have to be a little fearless and experimental to get through the obstacles of the moment. Now it’s OK to be a little afraid as long as you don’t show those cards to anyone. Confidence is a significant asset too (something I am working on) but most importantly keeping your focus on the task at hand can lead to good things. Always keep your chin up your eyes looking forward and find your motivation to move forward.

Rambling About Heat

Heat can bring things together, it can can tear people apart. Sweat is a result of a body burning off fuel. Without heat things can’t grow. Heat can make it hard to rest at night. In the heat of the night lovers come together. The heat of the moment can show in your eyes someone once sang. Heat is energy going in all different places and spaces. A hot summer night can be a time to celebrate. Heat can make something taste better, different. We need heat in the same measure we need cold. May heat be something that makes life better, not worse.

Rambling About Men Of Faith

Men of faith are called to be servants and leaders in their communities. They have an important role in being people who are to model humility and a vibrant spirit. They are to work with their partners in sharing their faith tradition with the next generation. Men are needed to be role models too. I think men also support their partners in achieving their dreams and encouraging those around who need a hand in times of need. I will expound on this topic in future posts. They need to pray for those closest to them. Faithful men also need to love, be tender, care and be there for others. God made man to be in his image and to put our best foot forward. 

Rambling About Catholics

Whenever someone says that Catholics aren’t Christians it saddens me. If it were not for the Catholic church Christianity today wouldn’t exist. Catholics represent over a billion believers in Jesus Christ and did all the heavy lifting in the early church. They worship Jesus, not Mary as some would believe. Many protestants are ill-informed about what Catholics are all about due to what they have been taught by their clergy who seem to ignore Church history. Scripture is not the only guide in the lives of believers. The church existed long before The Bible and much of faith was transmitted by oral tradition and customs passed down from one believer to another.

Think about how many colleges, schools, orphanages and hospitals have been founded by those people of Catholic faith who follow the examples of grace, peace, piety and most importantly love. Mother Teresa and many of the saints of the church who have written creeds, prayers and more have been Catholics.

I am an Episcopalian and by faith I am closely related spiritually to my Catholic brothers and sisters who I can tell you are more Christian than some you see on TV. Catholic also means Universal which there is a church Universal which includes all of Christianity. I don’t even have a problem with the role of The Pope.

Yes Catholics have had some serious issues over the years which lead to the Protestant Reformation and the split of people of the United Kingdom from the church during the reign of King Henry the VIII. In modern times documented issues of abuse have damaged their reputation but there are probably just as many protestant churches who have skeletons in their closets.

For a protestant to say that Catholics are not Christians is coming from a place of willful ignornance and disrespect.

I don’t agree with their stand on women in the priesthood and they have a way to go in other gender and sexuality issues but good things take time to change. The Eucharist I believe can be open in their tradition while maintaining their spiritual views on the bread and wine. Many of my Catholic friends are progressively minded and they will be a part of the changes of the Church in the future.

A Ramble on Unity, Or Lack Thereof

The notion of Unity is a noble one. Bringing people together for a common cause is great but in reality it’s like herding cats. I live in the United States and really its just 50 states who choose to be together under one flag. The same can be said for the United Kingdom. But when you look closer there are differences in culture and customs that make them very different.

Of course politically there is the whole liberal vs. conservative vs. other to deal with and there is little unity to be had there. Even in factions you have sub factions and other smaller groups that fight for their own agenda. In marriage its a union of two people who love each other and it’s probably as close to a good union as you will find. Yet there are couples who go through trauma and setbacks that find strength in turmoil. However they can be easily torn apart.

A united front happens when there are situations that bring people together like what happened on 9/11/2001 for a little while. WW I and II brought my country together in so many ways. People were self-sacrificing, involved and called upon to fill in the gaps while men and women were overseas fighting to win.

At this moment I don’t think my country is united, its way to divided. Too many issues have polarized us, made us suspicious, made us become very tribal and sometimes primal. Our politics has torn friendships and families apart, like during our civil war days. I am finding that some folks want separation, segregation and isolation while others want to be in community and to be challenged.

One day there will be unity and maybe a little utopia too. It will be a day that will hopefully be a time of peace, tranquility and free of conflict. My faith is that day will come sooner rather than later. I am hoping it might happen by our own choice than at the hands of someone or something out of our control.

A Ramble About Retirement


Today a co-worker retired after 33 years of service to the company and there was a pot-luck lunch given in her honor. My longest tenure was 8 years for Olan Mills Church Directories. People have multiple jobs in multiple locations over their lifetime. Just ask freelancers, ministers and others who work one string of temp jobs after another. Some people change jobs like they do their socks.

There is something to be said for longevity and stability. It sure makes managing your retirement fund easier I would think. Companies are getting rid of older workers all the time to keep payroll and expenses lower to improve profit margins.

Retirement is a great thing. They say you are busier in retirement than at any other time in life. This is something we all must face at one time in our lives. I can safely say I won’t get a retirement cake saying 33 years. I might get a cupcake or something like that.