Oh Canada Be Proud #TrueNorth #Canada


Having visited Canada its a great nation that should be second to none. It’s interesting that so many Canadians think coming to the USA is a step-up or perhaps viewing it as the “major leagues” of everything. Believe me the USA isn’t. There is so many stories to tell and things to do and be in Canada that you don’t have to cross the border to be successful. I also think that there needs to be less American TV in Canada because I find the acting and talent of Canucks to be so great and the shows they are producing are very interesting. Coming to America isn’t all that. Canadians stay True North! Oh Canada!

Culture and Tradition

Some new ideas I’m pondering is how culture and tradition influence one another and how they conflict. It seems culture gives birth to tradition but sometimes tradition can stifle culture. Individually they are necessary but how do they impact human beings. Lets see how this whole thing pans out.