Happy #SolarEclipse2017 Day Everyone!


We are all a buzz about the eclipse that is coming today. People are taking off and some schools have closed to observe this rare event. Above is a map of how the eclipse is going to cover Tennessee. Here in Chattanooga we should see a good portion of it while folks north and east of us will get totality. It’s going to be a interesting sight to see and that is just the people who will be gathering to observe skyward.

Sometimes I Wonder About Me

Sometimes I wonder if I am all that interesting. Maybe I am hard on myself for thinking that. This past weekend I found myself thinking here I am a total nerd hanging out with some other people who are so different. Diversity is good. Much of what I am into would be kind of thought weird by others. Perhaps its good to be different and to march to the beat of your own drummer. Like anyone all I want is to be taken seriously and to know what I have to say matters and has value. Once you get to know me I am pretty cool or something like that. Is that too much to ask to be thought of and for someone to initiate a conversation with me first. Without sounding narcissistic I am worth it. Dang it I have a voice and opinion and heart.

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

During the retreat I heard some incredible stories from people of faith. We all have stories to tell where things have happened to us that have shaped who we are. It’s important to tell your story because we all have something to say that can move others. Everyday the tale that is your life is being written. Be sure to blog it. That is important stuff.

This song by One Direction is a reminder of the stories we all have to tell. No one is boring.

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