Dear Friends, Thank You For Your Birthday Greetings

Dear Friends, thank you for your happy birthday greetings today. There are a lot of you and I want to extend many thanks for your kind words and warm greetings. Grace and peace to all of you for your love and kindness.

Today I went to work, did Zumba this evening and had special birthday bowl of chili. It was a good day, good people.

Birthday bowl of chili, thanks to my wife, Laura.

A Ramble About Protesting

Is it more important to idolize symbols of nationality or to see to it people have equal rights and opportunities for life, liberty and happiness? Respecting an object should come second to actual people who’s lives are severely impacted by the circumstances they face. Many people live in places where they are threatened and don’t have access to the best things community to offer. To me that is more important than anything. To me the right to protest is an important because its tied to freedom of expression. When ones friends and loved ones remain oppressed then its a good thing to stand up for what is really right.

Daily Prompt: Mistake

In my almost 47 years I have made plenty of mistakes. Some more serious than others but they are still things I did intentionally or unintentionally depending on the situation. Being a human being I am not perfect and never will be. I sometimes make the same mistakes over and over again because I am crazy enough to hope for better outcomes the next time around. We all have a responsibility to own up to our mistakes because the wrong things we do have an impact on the people we know and love. Confession can help you deal with life’s mistakes. Never be so proud to say you are sorry and try, try, try not to do it again.

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