One Of My Tweets Made The Big Time!


This is a screenshot of a USA Today sports blog featuring one of my tweets! A sportswriter is adopting a college football team and he chose the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. UTC is my hometown team. In doing research for his series he found this tweet I did and he embedded it into his article. So thousands of readers are looking at this and I couldn’t be more excited! This is way cool!

Clinton and Trump to finally meet on debate stage – The Washington Post

A roller coaster of a campaign 18 months in the making arrives Monday at a huge moment for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: a 90-minute debate, with much of the nation expected to tune in amid great uncertainty about what they’ll see. Clinton and Trump to finally meet on debate stage – The Washington Post

Tonight is a huge moment in the American presidential election. Hillary Clinton will debate Donald Trump in front of the nation. It will be on all the network channels and cable news outlets. Hillary is more experienced in this format because of her 2008 but I am not counting out what Donald will do. This is a huge event and will tell us where we are in the process.

Daily Prompt: Dilemma

A dilemma is a situation we find ourselves in when we have a choice to make. It could be as important as your career and how to handle a family situation or as benign as what to order from the menu. It’s also when we find ourselves trapped by life’s circumstances. It is like being between a rock and a hard place or perhaps being stuck in a situation you can’t find escape from. Every one of us has been in a dilemma of one sort or another. What we do in that place says something about who we are.

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