AIM shuts down: AOL Instant Messenger changed the way we communicate – Vox


After 20 years, the time has come to say a final goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger. The famed chat client more commonly known as AIM is one of the internet’s longest-lasting cultural touchstones, and one of the few pieces of software that arguably changed how people interact with each other. via AIM shuts down: AOL Instant Messenger changed the way we communicate – Vox

I used AOL Instant Messenger for a time and it was a great tool to communicate. Now its no more and a part of the early Internet experience is just a memory. Fare thee well AIM.

Remembering Sandy Hook Elementary, Five Years On

Five years ago today, 20 first-graders and six school staffers were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Remember these souls today and work for peace in your community so events like this never happen again.

Hope In Suffering

As we go through life there needs to be hope in the trials we go through. Our suffering is meant to bring hopefully wisdom and some courage. No matter what you are experiencing have hope, have it abundantly. Hope will keep you sane and alive if you want it to. My friends know we are in this existence together and when you have some hope to spare, share it with others.

God Doesn’t Work Like That

As a believer in God I’m sick and tired of some using God as an excuse, a Patsy a crutch. He doesn’t work like that. No wonder people are dubious of people of faith who are in it for the right reasons because they are lumped in with others who use God. Stop claiming God as your fairy godmother who will grant your wishes. He is better than that. He doesn’t work like that.