My 2017 @ Work

At Work –  I was the number one agent in terms of productivity due to my hard work and over-performance.

I was demoted from a supervisory position back to an agent. It was hard at first and I admit I resented it but I have come to realize it was a gift in disguise. My hard work has paid off in more ways than one.

Reaffirming my commitment to my company and to my team gave me some peace and security that I needed. Now I have some new co-workers who are challenging me and restoring my spirits on the job. Having a peace of mind about what you are doing professionally always is a good thing.

Something About 2017

I am going to post a few times about this past year to see if it even makes sense to me. Yeah it will require me to get a little controversial because this year has been a hot-button year. From what I remember its been a year worth forgetting it seems.