Something About A Critique

Everyone is critiqued about something in life. From a speech to art to a research paper. Your work is judged sometimes fairly, sometimes it’s picked apart and you have to start from scratch to make it better. It makes you feel good when you are on the right path and all you need is minor adjustments and perhaps adding another point or two. I think after fixing something if time allows let it sit for awhile and come back to see if the improvements are going to work. I have to remember there are people out there who know more about some things than I do and their advice is meant to make me and my work better. It’s hard not to take it personally but don’t take it personally.

Something About Millennials

I am 49 this year and I am from the Generation X era which was raised on pop culture, TV and Music Videos. Millennials I have found are just trying to find their way in the world. I am proud to call a few of them brothers and sisters in blogging and friends in life. Generational differences aside we are all humans and we need to work together to make this world a better place.  They are going to change the world. It might not be what Baby Boomers or even Gen-Xers would do but that’s OK. The world is very different with them in it and the things that worked in previous generations won’t work with them.


I see good things for them and it is becoming their world and their time to shine. I hope they will take the wisdom of the ages and use their own sensibilities to create a greater community. Maybe they will take faith and use it for the best. It’s going to be exciting to see what this generation will do. It’s a group that is here and is getting ready to lead.

Something About A Southern Funeral

I am in Thomaston, Georgia for the funeral of my aunt Dorothy or “Dot” as she was known by family and friends. We got here around 6:15 after enduring the awful Atlanta, Georgia traffic which is notoriously horrible.

When we got to my aunt’s house tonight we were greeted by family who were sure to feed us in the tradition of many families around the world when there is a death in the family. Now in the south it’s about fried chicken, the sides and deserts. Food is synonymous with coming together as family to remember and to reconnect. In the south when you are sick or a family member passes traditionally ones community comes to the side of those who survive. Gifts of food among other things are offered to ease the loss. Blessed are those who mourn as it says in scripture.

You know it shouldn’t take death to bring people back together in times like this. However for many family comes with complications that unfortunately cannot be overcome even in the passing of a loved one.

Dot’s funeral is on a Saturday in January at her church where she was a member for a very long time. This is the same church where her mother, my great-grandmother’s funeral was held fourteen years ago.

Her devotion to God was/is shown by her hospitality and love for family and friends. She lived a great life, a long life, a life that will be remembered.

A funeral is more than mourning the dead it can be a family reunion too. Sometimes that family is biological or chosen from your tribe of friends. It’s amazing how you can reconnect and renew the ties of family that bind you.

I know that Dot is with her mother, father, brother and sister in the company of saints above. For me I am grateful of these people’s impact on my life and how I know that life does go on in the hearts and minds who continue a legacy.

A quote I like is “Live your life so the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral” so for Dot she has nothing to worry about.


Something About Me

When you connect with me you get an authentic person who is kind, considerate (most times) and caring. I will always try to lift a person up. I am overly eager and a people pleaser. There will be no saying I am sorry for being nerdy, geeky and dorky. I am like a Labrador in that I am overly friendly. I will call you a friend even if we have met only a couple of times. The stuff I am passionate about like my heart is worn on my sleeves. When you get me you get someone who is flawed, faithful and awkward at times. Sometimes I am sad but always hopeful and positive. All I know how to be is myself and I hope that is enough for anyone who wants to be in my life. I will stand for the little guy and living in a just world for everyone. I am a believer in my higher power (God and that sort of thing) and its that faith that informs me to be who I am. I promote inclusion for others and hope the same for myself.

In short, what you see and read is what you get with me.

Something About Drivers Here

I realize I am not the greatest driver in the world but I try to go the speed limit or below during the weather we in Chattanooga have had recently, which has been rainy. When you see people going around you at a much faster speed than you it makes you wonder what has these people in such a hurry. Its just dangerous to see these cars wizzing by. I get that these people might be late or some other reason for doing what they do but its just plain scary.

Something About Being Cynical

I’m rarely a cynical person, I try to be positive in many things. However the climate we live in is making us all suspicious and stopping to ask hard questions. We see bad things happening all the time and we have become jaded and see the world for what it’s becoming instead of what it can be. My hope for the future is a return to idealism and dreams without the doubts and negative space.