Something About Healthcare

Growing up and growing older has benefits but also aches and pains. Forget about the physical ailments what I am talking about is insurance, doctors, and other stuff like that. Many Americans have insurance through their workplace and I am grateful for the healthcare afforded me and mine.

When your insurance company denies coverage for various treatments and medications it can be a pain in the butt. Sure, costs are a factor, but not everything should be about money. Healthcare is financial and political.

We all have to deal with the changes and hope they won’t harm us. When you have chronic illness and conditions that require daily care then you have to hope it won’t bankrupt you or worse. My friends we all must take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.

Something About God

I revere God. I am respectful of God. I embrace God as someone who was made by God. I don’t fear God because that word has been used to intimidate and scare people into a relationship with God where they feel like they must obey or be struck down. It’s time we think about God differently because fear can be like a box and God is bigger than all that. God is about love, laughing and being there for all of us.

Something About Working

Lots of people out there live paycheck to paycheck. Jobs keep roofs over heads and food on tables. Some are looking for that next opportunity to work and contribute to our world in their own way. If you can, help those who want to get back on their feet but need encouragement when things are tough. There is also no shame in struggling and doing the best you can. May all those in need find what they are looking for in this life that we share together.

Something About Florida

I like the people of Florida, they are cool. However, what is going on with the Governor and government there is just not right. Censorship, racism, homophobia, sexism, and other crap. I don’t understand why all this is happening. They are also going after Disney, who does that? All I know is they need to change this down the road.

Something About Excitement

Joy and exuberance are wonderful things. I need more of it. When someone is geeked out about the things they are passionate about it’s really cool to see. Excitement and enthusiasm are wonderful parts of a person’s soul. It’s a shame when there is so much negativity. Life is better when people are doing stuff to make their world a better place.

Something About Reality

The reality I hope for is one of inclusion, love, peace, and infinite grace for everyone It’s free of prejudice and discrimination in any form. Any other reality is cruel and nothing I want to have any part of. When will the 21st century be allowed to be the 21st century?

Something About: Wholeness

The notion of wholeness is a complex one. It is a vital part of what makes us all humans. Everyone seeks it and hopefully discovers it. Being whole from where I stand means having ones physical, emotional and spiritual selves working together for balance and purpose. Relationships also play into this too.

Coming to the place where ones life is complete takes patience and persistence. Being whole in some spaces means being real with who you are and finding out what you have to do to achieve your goal. It’s hard to be whole in the chaos of this life but its worth the attempt.

Being whole is worth it. Be prepared for the hard journey with ourselves and with others to get there.