Something About Being Good Enough

Sometimes your best isn’t good enough in the grand scheme of things. You try and try and for some reason it doesn’t get things done. When the bar is set high you have to deal with expectations that are hard to reach. Being a human being you have your strengths and limitations and one outweighs the other. That is time when you realize you need to step back and realize what you can do vs. what you can’t do.

Something About Getting Along

Getting along is a hard thing for some folks I guess. When personalities are so different there is bound to be conflict. Some people just cannot get along. It’s a struggle when you have to manage situations like that. Perhaps the world needs to take a chill pill or something like that. My goodness can we just have some peace on the Earth we occupy at any given minute.

Something About Education, Transportation and Innovation

There are things that keep a community and our world moving. Education, transportation and innovation. When you fail to fund any of these three things then things come to a stand still. People need education to prepare them for the future to innovate and to solve the worlds problems.We rise and fall on the success of our students who will lead the way of the future.

Transportation leads to its own innovations and gets people to where they need to go for work among other things. I see a lot of places where those three things are bottled up in local, state and federal politics. Those three things should never be a political hot button but they are. When an entertainer gives $1 million to a local school system that tells you something.

It seems like the future of the world unfortunately is dependent on people who are making decisions that will have serious impact on the present and the future. Too bad these folks haven’t learned the lessons of the past and no road or innovation has made it possible to travel back in time so we can learn the hard lessons of generations that have come before.

Education is the most important weapon to change the world.

Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)


Something About Kindness And Niceness

I believe in being kind and caring. Sometimes I am not nice because I am human and stuff ticks me off.  I try to be a person who wants to be sure others are taken care of. Like other folks I am not perfect so I get some things wrong but at last I try. You know its hard to be yourself in a world who wants you to be someone different. Kindness and compassion should win the day and as you are kind and compassionate toward others you have to be that for yourself.

Something About Future Posts

Expect a lot of blogging about the current state of affairs in my country. I am dedicated to helping make this world a better place free of hate, xenophobia, homophobia, racism and ethnocentrism. Of course there will be posts about the good thing happening personally, globally and locally. It is important to know this is still a place where I chronicle and curate all the things in my life. Thanks for continuing to follow and offer feedback.

Something About Facts


In the 1960’s TV show “Dragnet” Sgt. Joe Friday dealt in facts when solving crimes. That is where “just the facts ma’am” originated. You have to have facts so that justice can prevail. Without facts you risk chaos, injustice and worse. It’s OK to have perspective and opinion but when it comes to things that can impact someones life and the lives of others facts should be the only thing that matters. There is very little room for alternative facts when it comes to really important stuff. Your mother would probably punish you for using alternative facts so as an adult those things don’t carry much weight.