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Something About Having Joy

Joy is something everyone needs in life to make it better. Sure you have happiness and euphoria and bliss but joy is something that seems to be different, more meaningful. There is a old church song I have joy, joy, joy down in my heart and you know that is where it starts. Good things can come from the heart if we are inspired.

In this mean world we live in joy can be the salve that can heal burns and wounds. Joy can be infectious too. When you have joy people pick up on it and hopefully want what you got. I am giving you some joy today and I hope you will spread it around to your friends, family and strangers who desperately need some themselves.

Joy, Grace and Peace everyone, everywhere.

Something About Taxes

Working on taxes tonight and looks like the cost of the software to prepare them will be more than what is owed to the federal government. Turbo Tax is $59 and what is owed will be $5 as it stands right now. I am grateful it wasn’t more than that but still. Paying taxes is not fun but what it goes toward is important into keeping community and country going. No taxes no roads, schools, community services, military, first responders, etc… all those folks need to get paid and we need their services. I am cool if everyone is paying their fair share but you know the one constant in life is death and taxes.

Something About #Easter and #Sundays

Easter is something to be lived out daily. It means intentional devotion and being active in ones faith community. The whole Sunday’s coming thing is meaningless if one doesn’t practice what they believe the other six days of the week.

For those of other faith traditions being active and engaged in your communities can only make the world a better place.