I Support Palestine

I am in support of the people of Palestine. While most of the people I know are supporting Israel I am seeing things from a different perspective. There is a difference between Biblical Israel and the current State has only been in existence since 1948. The arrogance of modern Israel’s government is stunning. What is happening there is akin to Apartheid. Of course, this is a highly ancient and complex issue with no easy solutions it seems. This does not mean I am anti-Jew because some good friends are Jewish, I will probably take heat for this but the people of Palestine deserve better and they are God’s children too. Palestinians love their children too.

Hoarding Gas, Greed, And Fear

Due to the Colonial Pipeline computer systems being hacked people are hoarding gasoline/petrol. The pipeline serves a large portion of the eastern United States Mostly this is due to fear which seems to drive people to doing crazy things. This is not a good thing. Getting only what you need so others can buy some is the good neighbor thing to do. It’s the same thing as the toilet paper scare of 2020. Greed isn’t good.