Getting My Eyebrows Did

Tonight I did something very girly because I am not a manly man or something like that. I went along with my wife so she could get her eyebrows shaped up and waxed. It was in agreement I needed a trim.  Jennifer Wilmoth at SpaGo on Chattanooga’s NorthShore gave me an eyebrow shape-up and she even offered to wax my uni-brow and I took her up on her offer. It was different and now I know on a small-scale what some women choose to go through for their appearance. Thanks Jennifer for doing a great job and being gentle.

Happy National Puppy Day Cody Boy!

Today is National Puppy Day and I wanna celebrate our dog Cody when he was a little Labradog.

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This is our Cody boy when he was a puppy. He was born in Chicago and came to us through a former co-worker of my wife’s. We love this no longer little boy.

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Throwback Thursday #TBT – Howard Jones – Things Can Only Get Better

After the tragedy of yesterday in London many of us are needing to know things will get better. England’s own Howard Jones sings to us from the 1980’s that Things Can Only Get Better. Have grace and peace good people.

Daily Prompt: Symptom

Having just been sick you have to find out what your symptoms are to determine what illness you have. Symptoms can be just the tip of the iceberg in figuring out what is going on. These indicators present themselves in different ways but if you ignore them for too long they can become a serious problem. You gotta be careful in self diagnosing some things because they could be something else so getting help is a good thing.

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