Academy Awards 2017: Complete list of nominations – LA Times

The nominations for the 89th  Academy Awards were revealed this morning in Los Angeles.“La La Land” did what 800-lb gorillas are supposed to do: dominate the Oscar nominations tally, pulling down 14, including actor, actress, director and picture

Source: Academy Awards 2017: Complete list of nominations – LA Times

It seems like its going to be an interesting Oscars. “La La Land” picked up a lot of nominations but can they convert. There are some films that could surprise, and that is why you watch the Academy Awards right?

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6 thoughts on “Academy Awards 2017: Complete list of nominations – LA Times”

  1. I loved La La Land. I wrote a review on Horseaddict even though I usually only write about horsey topics. It is a brilliant film ( and yes it is shot in cinemascope and film ). Emma Stone is marvellous and I hope to see her win, her final song ( the audition) is a masterpiece of film acting. I hope the film will do well at the oscars!


  2. Because we are on the West Coast, we get a choice of watching them LIVE at 5 pm or watch them from a delayed recording at 8 pm (PST). We record them at 5 and start watching around 6 pm. That way we can go through the commercials and any boring long drawn out speeches!


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