Not The Best Friend You Could Have

I am wondering what sort of friend am I if my opinions, convictions and beliefs are more important than my relationships. This past political cycle has revealed a lot and sometimes I feel like I am not the best friend you could have at the moment. Now a days I prefer the company of like minded people but that doesn’t help me grow as a person though. Just wondering.

13 thoughts on “Not The Best Friend You Could Have”

  1. None of us are perfect Tony. I ask myself those same questions but sometimes pride and anger and frustration are more than willing to push those friendships aside. These are tough times. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break. Everyday is a new chance to get it right. Whatever right is these days❤️

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  2. I can empathize. I work in an office of people who are all extremely like minded to each other politically, while I feel like the odd one out. It is hard for me sometimes not to feel scornful of them because I feel not accepted politically.


  3. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. As we mature, I think we like spending time with like-minded people instead of having to fake it just keep up appearances.


  4. To thine own self, Tony, be true. You stand for tolerance and against intolerance. You stand for personal agency and against those who would tyrannize us. If you turned your back on your closely-held convictions to embrace those who countenance not only opposing views, but hurtful actions, what good could possibly come of it?

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  5. Just because you have different views on something, never makes you a bad friend. You are being true to the relationship but also true to yourself!

    You make an awesome friend tony! And if ppl think that your views can hamper their relationship, then the fault is in their POV 👏🏻


  6. Tony, I don’t always agree with what you say, and I am avoiding political posts like the plague, but here I am… still your friend… Your opinion counts, my dear. We simply don’t have to agree – but in a respectful manner. Take it easy.


  7. My opinion of this is, the only person you have to explain yourself to is you. You’re entitled to your opinions, and wanting to be around like minded people. I’d say the only time this should matter is if someone isn’t willing to meet in the middle. I’ve been spited for my opinions and to tell you the truth, I’m much better off without it.


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