Despicable Me 3 – A Great Sequel, Gru Bet Ya! (Spoiler Free-ish) #despicableme


Last night we saw “Despicable Me 3” and it was not a disappointment. You know its hard to have successful sequels and this franchise in my opinion has gone 3 for 3. The story has Gru meeting his identical twin brother Dru which is a great twist to the continuing tale of this one time villain. Gru also has the additional element of being married to Lucy and raising their adopted kids. You see some character development which I think is key to keeping people interested in any movie where there are sequels. Oh the new villain in this movie is one who seems to be stuck in the 1980’s and has a score to settle with Hollywood is terrific.

Of course the Minions are in this and they are silly and bad and cute and naughty and oh so nice. They too have some experiences on their own that now make them better as a group. We get to see how tough and intimidating they are which I think is really funny!

All-in-all the “Despicable” movies are now in a place where they are an important part of our movie going culture. As long as we see interesting characters along with growth it should last a while. I recommend this movie because it’s a great tale of good vs. evil and some shades of gray which is a realistic thing in the world we live in.

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