Change In How I Post Instagram Pictures

I am no longer cross-posting my Instagram pictures to my blog. The size of them is wider than the post area of my current theme on some systems. Sometimes there is need for separation of where they are posted for different audiences. WordPress has some great methods to showcase one’s pictures and I want to take greater advantage of that. On my sidebar you can still see my Instagram pictures in a larger format. Thank you for continuing to check out what I am posting and talking about.

I Was A Best Man Twenty-Five Years Ago

Joey and Cheryl on their wedding day. I am on the far right wearing a suit and tie. (Photo courtesy of the bride and groom)

Twenty five years ago my friends Joey and Cheryl got married and I was in their wedding. Joey asked me to be one of his best men and I was honored to do that. We were roommates at Hiwassee College. He was engaged to the love of his life Cheryl at the time so our cohabitation only lasted a semester. They got married in May of 1991 just after the school year ended. This was the only wedding in which I stood up for the groom. In 25 years they have come a long way in their lives together. Joey is a minister now and he and Cheryl have a large family that has made their lives interesting and better. Congrats to them both and their family on this important milestone.

(Please DO NOT REBLOG, thank you).

Happy Star Wars Day

Today is May the 4th also known as Star Wars Day. This is a high holy day in the geek/nerd community because of the reference to the force because it sounds like fourth. It also embraces the culture that is the Star Wars fandom. You will see graphics like these all over the web today. Enjoy the day fellow Star Wars fans.

May The Fourth Be With You!