Thought Of The Day 01222022

In life you win some and you lose some. Sport teaches that life lession very well. My team lost today and they had a lot of advantages going into today’s game. It was a weird contest but in the end the better team on this occasion won.

You can’t win all the time but hopefully you give your best effort in the attempt. Everyone has experienced a defeat in something. The lesson you hope to learn is to get back up and try again. Life is a game we play daily. Let’s hope we pickup more victories than defeats in the process.

The Friendship Rules Have Changed

The rules of friendship have changed. Online friends are just as important as “in person” friendships. There are people I have encountered over the years who have become good friends and we may never meet face-to-face. But those long distance friendships are important.

This crazy world has revealed that we need people in our lives who we can identify with and to make connections. Social networking has made making friends easier. Of course cat fishing and other traps are an unfortunate reality. Using your best judgement is advisable.

Long time local friendships matter and sometimes those become online relationships.

I am grateful to have all these wacky people in my life and I hope I am worthy of your friendships.

Thank you for being a friend.

Sunday Reflection: Water And Light

Light and water are two things that make life possible. They are also things that can cleanse our hearts and souls. Water can flood and end life. Too much light can blind and burn. It’s amazing how a candle can interrupt the darkness. Water can quench a thirst. We need light to bring forth the truth.

It’s water that can generate power to create artificial light. In my faith life is brought into existence by the light of the sun and the waters of Earth as spoken into existence by God. They are connected and essential to every living thing across the universe. May we be guardians of the light and stewards of the waters.

Let there be light. May water give life.

Thought Of The Day 01082022

Be patient in these times. People are doing their best behind all the desks, counters and other places where business and the public are interfacing.

As the old sayings goes “hurt people hurt people” and “patience is divine” This is a reminder for me and we.