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Nurses Rock!


Over the past 16 days we have witnessed the professionalism and hard work of so many outstanding health care professionals at Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga. Nurses, CNA’s, Med Tech’s and other related caregivers have done a great job of taking care of my dad. They provide hands-on healing and care for so many people who are sick. I am grateful for them getting my dad back home. Nursing and related fields is hard work but it’s a calling and for those who do it they are worthy of their noble title and deserve to be rewarded in so many ways. Nurses do indeed rock!

Changed My Linux Distro Again, Welcome Back to #Xubuntu


Inspired by fellow blogger Robin I have switched my Linux distribution back to Xubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 19.04. This is due in part to Ubuntu not wanting to load properly. Xubuntu also uses fewer system resources and is very customizable without a lot of tweaking. I added a few apps for audio, photo management, photo editing, a calendar that syncs with Google and a few other things. I can always add more things as I need it too. Like Robin said its like coming home to a familiar neighborhood.

Yannick Bisson Responds! @CBCMurdoch @CBC #MurdochMysteries

When one of your favorite Canadian actors responds to a comment it is definitely a fanboy moment. Yannick Bisson was nice to respond to a Murdoch Mysteries themed question about a car he’s restoring. It is a highlight of what has been a tough week for me. Oh Canada!