Advent, A Time To Slow Down

During the season of Advent, people are encouraged to slow down. Wait. Anticipate the coming of the star attraction which for many is Jesus. For others, it could be just to slow life down because people are so busy. It’s interesting that leisure time has such a premium for those who are booked solid on their calendars. It seems like some want to just get through the holidays for one reason or another but maybe chilling out and not letting the pomp and circumstance get the best of us.

Especially when one is grieving now is the time to take things easy and allow for the emotions of life and the situation to be felt and to continue to deal with things. I think in general we need to slow down and give more time for ourselves and the people we love and care about. What we don’t have we shouldn’t stress over.

Hi, I Am Tony And I Have Been Off #Facebook For Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I said farewell to Facebook for an extended period of time. I don’t miss it at all. Granted I am still connected to Facebook Messenger for communications purposes. I even deleted the app from my Google Pixel 3a smartphone. Right now my facebook account remains deactivated and I don’t plan on reactivating it for quite some time. Right now it is all about this lovely blog, Twitter and Instagram. Yes there is life without “The Book”

Facebook, A Global Connection Revolution
Facebook, I Don’t Miss It All That Much