In The Old Hood Today

So, I was in the old hood today for a funeral of a friend who had known me since when I was a baby. It always feels strange being up there because I don’t have immediate family there anymore. Also, the church I grew up in is under new management. It’s like when you leave a place often you don’t return there. I was formed as a human being there in public schools and through the faith community of my childhood. I still know people there but as in life, we all go our separate ways. As time marches on I don’t miss it although that place is forever a part of me. Thank you to the 886 for your part in making me who I am.

The Shamrock Latte From Sunnyside Cup #Chattanooga #Coffee #Latte

The special coffee today from Sunnyside Cup is Shamrock Latte in light of it being St. Patrick’s Day week. I paired my coffee with a coffee cake muffin. Not a bad way to start the day.

The Christmas Gift Of Life #BloodDonation @bloodassurance

As you may know I work for a blood bank. Today I donated once again to give the gift of life to 3 lives. Blood donation is an easy way to help others during the holiday season. Do something to make the world a better place.