First Pumpkin Spice Of The Fall

Well it’s a chilly Tuesday morning and it is a good day for a pumpkin spice latte from Chattanooga’s Sunnyside Cup Coffee. It’s tasty and warm like it should be. This weather is welcomed anytime. Have a swell day.

Go Vote Today In Tennessee #GoVoteTN #Vote2022 #Vote

Today is election day in Tennessee where local and state races are on the ballot. Voting is a right and a duty that I take seriously.

Here in Hamilton County, Tennessee we are electing a new mayor, district attorney and sheriff. Let’s hope for the best that there will be fair minded people who will serve and lead our community.

It’s Really Hot Everywhere

By Clay Bennett of The Chattanooga Times-Free Press

It’s really hot everywhere it seems. As I write this post it’s 93 degrees and very humid. Staying indoors with the air conditioning and drinking lots of water is the rule of the days of heat. Global warming is real. If it is hot where you are be careful and be careful.

The Vault Is All That’s Left Behind

This is the site of a bank building that has been demolished to make way for a car wash. What is left behind is the bank’s vault which will take some more work to bring down. Lots of buildings are being demolished around here for new stuff to be built. Life is about progress and changes these days.

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