World Blood Donor Day 2022 #blooddonor @BloodAssurance

The World Blood Donor Day is a reminder of the importance of blood donation as an act of solidarity. Every year on June 14, organizations around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day, raising awareness of the importance of donating blood and saving lives.

I work for a blood bank and the need for a safe and adequate blood supply is a must. It’s life saving and it makes a difference to those who donate and receive blood donations.

Give when and if you can. Be a part of the solution.

Throwback Thursday – Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival #TBT

This is Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival from 5 years ago. This year’s festival was very different and did not feature the giant stage you see in this post. Also it has been shortened to 3 days too.

Go Chattanooga Mocs! Beat Illinois #gomocs #MarchMadness

Today in Pittsburgh, PA my hometown Chattanooga Mocs take on the University of Illinois in the first round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament known as March Madness. The Mocs played Illinois in this tournament in 1997 and came away with a victory. I’m hoping for a win today too. Go Mocs!

Winter In March, It Snowed In #Chattanooga

Well, it finally snowed here and it’s way more than a dusting. This is a pretty good amount for Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have had way more than this in the past around this time of year. So in the past couple of days we have experienced 3 of 4 seasons.

But as they say, snow today, gone tomorrow.

It’s A Wet Wednesday In #Chattanooga

It’s been raining here lately. The wet weather is making things difficult to navigate on the roads and streets. Staying dry and safe is the order of the day.

Some local rainfall totals courtesy of Local 3 News Chattanooga

I’m ready for drier weather. If it were freezing out there, this would be even worse. Have a good one good people. Stay safe, dry and cozy.

Shipped To Save Lives – My Blood Donation Is On It’s Way @bloodassurance

These emails are always fun to get. It’s always a great feeling to know I helped someone live another day or more. Donating blood is something I do to help others which is a great story.