A Striking, Very Blue New Look For The Tony Burgess Blog #wordpress

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As seen on the Chrome OS Browser

The blog is now using the Sela Theme which is very versatile and easy to read. When you visit you see it looks more like a homepage with a very cool look to it. At the bottom of the front page are my most recent articles, my best articles by visitation and a slideshow of what you can expect visually here. The menu can take you to any of the sites pages and other features. I customized the sites cascading style sheet to create a striking dark blue look with white font to make it stand out.


As seen on the Google Chrome Browser on a Google Pixel XL Phone

This is what you will see when you visit the site on your phone’s browser. The theme is adaptive and looks good not only on desktop but mobile too. On the phone it has the feel of an app which is nice. You can still find everything easily on your mobile phone.

Seasonally its good to change things up to keep things fresh and interesting. The key is to keep it readable and easy to use. Thank you for continuing to connect with me through my blog. Your friendship and support is appreciated as always.

Working For A Living

“Working For A Living” is a great song by Huey Lewis and The News. It’s also what we do to keep a roof over head and food on the table. Geoffrey Owens who was on “The Cosby Show” back in the day has been working for a grocery store chain recently to make ends meet. Someone took a picture of him at work and posted it online to shame him because of where he worked. That was a true shame of the person who felt like they knew what he should be really be doing.

Owens like millions of people around the world do not have glamorous jobs. What we make is judged and what we do for a living is under scrutiny by so many people. It’s sad that people who work in labor, fast food and other jobs are made to feel less-than.

What we do for a living matters. Blue collar folks, field workers, day laborers, construction workers and so on and so on are doing the best they can to keep themselves from homelessness and starvation. Lots of homeless folks are working but cannot afford housing. In many cities people work a lot and can barely afford their rent/mortgage.

Most people like me work paycheck to paycheck and there should be no apologies for that. Our circumstances about our work are personal and speak to our ability to contribute to society.

No one should face ridicule for what they do. I bring up the noble janitor who cleans offices and they know where all the garbage comes from and where it goes. Lots of secrets can be found there. They clean in the shadows and can overhear stuff that impacts lots of people.

Everyone struggles including those wearing white collars. We are all trying to make it in this cruel world by laboring each day for a good cause…ourselves.



These three words are displayed at my chiropractor’s office and it got me to think about their meanings.

Patience…Good things come to those who wait. What we want isn’t always in our timing or control. Being a patient person isn’t easy but its necessary.

Live…We have to live every moment we can. Living is a risk, it’s dangerous and its worth it to keep on going no matter what adversity we face.

Faith…This is the hardest one because it calls on us believe in something. I think having faith in God, your neighbor, the universe what have you means having to hold close to something you can’t always see.

So my friends have Patience to live in faith.

Classic and Contemporary

I was born in 1969 and that number is a part of the address of my blog here. Age is just a number, right? So I feel I am from a classic era in time where a lot happened and the culture had an identity all its own. However I live in contemporary times and its my goal to relate to those who are finding their way in the world and experiencing growth in this time.

Classic and contemporary are two things that are evolving, changing, rolling with the time that is going by. As we go through life we see things becoming classic all the time and new things are becoming contemporary. Being both ancient and modern at the same time can be a challenge but one that is worth it as we seek to live in the here and now.

A Quick Handmaid’s Tale Overview


The Handmaid’s Tale is a story of cruelty, religious dogma and hate run amok by people who have taken scripture out of context and to promote ignorance of one gender to advance the cause of another. It is about the subjugation of women who are reduced to walking wombs to save the bacon of men who have done horrible things to the world. Today we seem to be inching closer to that reality by men who want to assert their dominance over people who are not like them. It is disturbing in every way possible. I wouldn’t want to live in such a world as Gilead. Tonight I’m wrapping up season two and its been a horrific ride.