Finale Friday On The TV

On the TV tonight is the season finales of some great TV shows.

Star Trek: Picard – the season two finale has some great action and surprises. I have been impressed with the stories of this series.

Moon Knight – this Marvel Studios production is a real trip to Egypt and back. It produced some interesting television.

Blue Bloods – season 12 wraps up and it never ceases to amaze me that a show about a family of Irish Catholics who is in law enforcement has lasted this long. It’s quality TV.

Celebrating Good Friday and Passover

Today is Good Friday and the beginning of Passover. To all my friends who are celebrating both, I wish you the grace and peace of God, and may this be a time to remember our shared connections. No matter how you are celebrating be sure to think of those in need and who are suffering especially in places of war, famine and distress.

For the Jew, Passover is a sign of salvation, of “God with us” at a particular historical moment in the past. For the Christian, Easter is a sign of “God with us” in the past, but with us now also and at a time to come, as well.

Author: Joan D. Chittister

Right Now Is Everything

People find themselves with their heads in the clouds or looking back or looking forward. Perhaps being in the present is the opportunity that’s being missed.

The good old days are not coming back. No one is promised tomorrow. So, all we have is now. There’s good things happening to see just by keeping your eyes open.

Right now is as live as life gets. It’s hard for others to understand that fact considering how tough reality can be and the temptation is to avoid it.

Keep your feet under you and don’t overthink stuff. I’m going to have a hard time with that.

Who Am I?

The question of “Who Am I” is a deep one. It’s different from who I am which seems to be more of a statement of fact. Both are worthy of some contemplation and reflection.

Who Am I is a lot of things and they are ordinary. I’m first and foremost a human being with lots of good qualities but I’m in no way perfect. A person’s flaws tend to be a great reflection of who they are for real.

I am a product of my past but in no way trapped by it. It’s my hope that I’m able to learn more about who I am in the here and now. People are a product of influence and the times in which they exist. It’s interesting to be on this journey. Everyday is a chance of rebirth.

In reality I’m just trying to live my life where I can be of service to others while having some boundaries. I also hope that in all this that I’m enough just as I am.