Saturday Reflection: Dealing With Stuff

In the days we live in dealing with stuff is something everyone is doing because they don’t have much else to do. Some of it is great stuff and other stuff is very hard. No matter what we have to manage the best we can while taking care of ourselves and taking care of others. It’s interesting to see how each of us are doing the work of dealing and coping. Personally I find myself more concerned with others more than I am concerned about myself. This is a process for everyone.

Something About: Wholeness

The notion of wholeness is a complex one. It is a vital part of what makes us all humans. Everyone seeks it and hopefully discovers it. Being whole from where I stand means having ones physical, emotional and spiritual selves working together for balance and purpose. Relationships also play into this too.

Coming to the place where ones life is complete takes patience and persistence. Being whole in some spaces means being real with who you are and finding out what you have to do to achieve your goal. It’s hard to be whole in the chaos of this life but its worth the attempt.

Being whole is worth it. Be prepared for the hard journey with ourselves and with others to get there.

A Forgotten Post

Sometimes you have a great idea to post about and when you go to write it out the idea is just gone, vanished into the weird network of ones brain. I tend to blog from the heart and soul but the brain is a vitally important part of the whole thing. Maybe I will remember that opus I was going to post about sometime. Perhaps it will change the world for the better. Perhaps it will inspire someone. Perhaps.