Back In Black (with blue trim) On My Blog!

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I am in one of those moods to be a little dark so I changed things again on the blog. Twenty Sixteen is a great theme I have used before that showcases posts and info quite well. You can customize it to be as dark or as light as you want. Part of me is feeling a little “dark and rebellious” so there ya go. Enjoy!

Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Socially as a kid I had it tough. I didn’t have a lot of friends. Didn’t get invited to many things. Sure I went to the occasional birthday party and church youth group stuff but I didn’t do a lot of the fun things my peers seemed to enjoy. For a long time I had an imaginary friend. His name was Jerry. I spent a lot of time with him because I needed a friend that wasn’t family. Imaginary friends can give us comfort and help get us through tough times. Mr. Rogers dealt with the land of make believe and that resonated with me through my life. Jerry, my imaginary friend will always be with me but I am glad I have friends now who are an important part of my life.

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Daily Prompt: Infuse

From what I am seeing these days we need to infuse some hope, optimism and more importantly love into life. So many things have gotten us down that we need something to lift us up. Infusing good things into our lives will make things better I think. We need something to make things better for all. What you put into something can make the difference. An infusion of positivity can do amazing things and can change people fundamentally.

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