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Back To Work, Let’s Do This!

After all the holiday fun and time off its back to work for me and a whole lot of other people. Let’s see how 2018 will shape up professionally. I am keeping an open heart and open mind to the possibilities on the job. All I know is that what I do for a living saves lives as well as keeps a roof over my head so it is a win-win situation. If you are returning to work today I hope you have a great day.

OK people, Let’s do this!

Black and White Photo Challenge – Day 2

I have been challenged by a couple of my fellow bloggers to do a black and white photo challenge. Here is day two of the challenge.


I make phone calls for a living and I used a computer based phone system. This headset is something I use daily. Without it my job would be very difficult.

Something About Office Politics

Office politics is a reality workers face. It’s not fun. However it’s not the reason you exist for your job it’s the end user, the customer, the client, the student, the volunteer. People who benefit from your work should be the primary mission of anyone on the job. Yes politics is a real issue in any office situation that can discourage us but it shouldn’t deter us from accomplishing our goals or performing tasks at hand. Keep on working and keep the main thing the main thing and hopefully that will take care of business.

Something About Work

People matter on the job. The work we do runs the world. What we do for a living is not our entire identity but for some its their trademark. How much we make should not define who we are or the type of person we are. Everyone has a role to play and a job to do so for the world to keep running we have to keep things going.

I take pride in excelling in my work. What I do is a important part of saving lives. Today I was reminded of the fact that what I do is valuable and I am valuable on the job.

Whatever you do matters whether to earn a paycheck or to offer your services from the heart.