The Review: A Challenge To Do Better

Today I had my annual review at work and it was a positive one. However, there is room for improvement. In any line of work there are challenges to do more and get better. I do have some things to work on so that I can continue to be a leader and producer in my department. Time to roll up sleeves and put nose to grindstone. Time to make the calls and hope for some answers.

Real Work Struggles Hope In The Midst Of Struggle

When ones job depends on the cooperation of others it has its own unique challenges. People are so random in how they will respond. Nothing is truly predictable anymore. Like the cliche says the struggle is real. Just do the best you can and hope for the best. Yes those are 3 cliches in a row but the sentiments are needed to keep one going.

Hang in there everyone including me.

The Thing About Work

Sometimes no matter how hard one works it requires the cooperation of others to make things happen. The thing about moving something for a distance is that it’s not always up to you, other people need to buy into what your purpose is all about. Doing your best seems to only go so far before results are expected. Life seems to be like this these days.