Tuesdays @ Work

Tuesdays can be a challenge especially when you start off the week with a bang. Work is often a marathon and not a sprint from my perspective. When meeting a quota you have to have to work smarter not harder. Although, hard work is its own reward. Persistence, patience and a little perspiration can help you get to where you want to go at any time. Success and goals come with what you want to achieve individually and collectively with a team. So let your Tuesdays come with a little extra moxie and hopefully things will be where you want them to be.

Sunday Reflection: Keeping Things Going For Everyone

In days like we are all going through coming together in community is important. Also being sure we take care of business so that the world keeps turning. There can be a balance in where taking care of one another can mean providing for our loved ones and making sure we are making things happen.

Being responsible for what we have been given is being good stewards. Everyone has a role to play in keeping things going. Multiplying is always better than dividing unless dividing means sharing the load. Making one turn into two. Two into four and so on and so on. There is magic in that sort of thing.

Supporting one another is a good thing. Bringing people to the table is great. Creating moments that can sustain and maintain is awesome. Continue to do good things because we need more good, now more than ever.

Keeping things going is good for everyone and being creative in how you do it is a bonus. Don’t you agree?