The Friendship Rules Have Changed

The rules of friendship have changed. Online friends are just as important as “in person” friendships. There are people I have encountered over the years who have become good friends and we may never meet face-to-face. But those long distance friendships are important.

This crazy world has revealed that we need people in our lives who we can identify with and to make connections. Social networking has made making friends easier. Of course cat fishing and other traps are an unfortunate reality. Using your best judgement is advisable.

Long time local friendships matter and sometimes those become online relationships.

I am grateful to have all these wacky people in my life and I hope I am worthy of your friendships.

Thank you for being a friend.

It’s A New Week, Bring It On #MondayMotivation

It’s time to bring this new week on and do our best. Have a great Monday and week ahead. Let’s see what we can do to make it awesome or something like that. Grace and peace good people.

My Last Post Of 2020

Good People,

This is the last post of 2020. It has been quite the year and we all have struggled in one way or another. Some how we made it throughout the year and I feel lucky having done so. Whatever comes our way in the future lets be supportive and kind. My friends, may we have peace in the coming year.

Also, wear your masks, we still have a pandemic out there.

Your Friend,


Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

To my dear friends in Canada I wish you a great Thanksgiving Day whether you are celebrating on Sunday or Monday. May your plates be full, and your hearts warmed in this time. It’s a different holiday this year but the wishes of togetherness with family and friends is eternal. Be well and safe. Grace and peace to you all from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and all the places in between.

Take Care This Monday My Friends And Neighbors Near And Far

My friends have a good Monday. Take care of others and yourselves. Watch out for your friends and neighbors. Be careful and mindful of those around you. Do good things wherever you are today. Have a good day everyone.