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International Women’s Day, The Future And Present Are Female

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

To all the women out there be strong, be yourself and keep up the good fight. I’m with you. The contributions you make to the world matter and are making a difference. I believe the present and future will be female.

Me Too, Be Strong Sisters

I salute all the women who are speaking out about their experiences online. What they went through is nothing to laugh at or to mock. Unfortunately we live in a time when women have to still fight for better treatment and equality. It’s my hope that as time goes by that our mothers, sisters, cousins, wives and friends will not have to fear walking down the street or interviewing for a job or anything like that. Be strong those who are brave to say “Me Too”.

The Thirteenth Doctor – Jodie Whittaker – #DoctorWho


Today it was announced that a woman would play the 13th Doctor on the long-running British TV show “Doctor Who” until now the role has been portrayed by men. Capable men who told the unique story of a Time Lord. You cannot stop progress though. Jodie Whittaker, the first woman cast in the lead of this important show, will assume the role at Christmas time. It’s been a long time coming and it will mean the show will be somewhat different but you know it will also be the same.

Science fiction is about imagining the future and to dream of a better place for us all to exist in the universe. In my mind the future should be gender inclusive, age inclusive, equality minded and based on the idea that it take 100% of the population to get the job done. Sydney Newman created “Doctor Who” with change in mind. Unfortunately some are missing the point of what a Time Lord is and can be. Women are warriors, they are valuable, they are worthy to take the lead.

Lately we have seen women win the day at the box office in roles that are strong and fierce, so there is an audience there. We are in an age where we need women to remind us of what it means to imagine life in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space from a different but equal viewpoint. In the era in which we live now we need women’s role models so that our wives, sisters, daughters and the like will be inspired to dream a very possible dream. Timey Wimey, Wibbly Wobbly.  Time keeps on ticking into the future and that future is female.

Happy Mother’s Day 2017! #mothersday


To mothers in the United States and around the world you have my respect and admiration. This is a time to recognize those who play the role of mother in various forms. Mothers are biological, adoptive, spiritual, surrogate and so much more. For some, this is a difficult time because of the nature of their relationships with their own mothers so I hope they have found someone to fill in. Grace and peace and love to you all.

Speak Up And Be Heard Women #shepersisted

I have deep respect for the women in my life and respect their voice to have their say in determining what happens in their lives. It is important for them to have a level playing field in all parts of life. No woman should be silenced when she has something to say that can make life better for everyone or to bring attention to serious issues of the day. I believe that women are worth listening to no matter what they have to say.

Something About Women

images-2It’s not up to me as a middle-aged man to tell any woman what to do or what she can or cannot be. Women make up roughly half the population of the world and therefore they should have control over themselves. Really its not up to any man to tell a woman what to do with their bodies because it does not belong to them in the first place. I think women deserve to have control over over every part of their lives including making the best choices based upon their own individual beliefs. That is what freedom is truly about right?

For too long women have been subjected to inequality, sexism, lower pay and reproductive laws that do not have the same impact on men. It is the 21st century and we should be doing better for women. I am thinking in a world that has given us Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Indira Ghandi, Madeline Albright, Oprah Winfrey, Benazir Bhutto, Queen Elizabeth II, Beyonce, Angela Merkel, Sheryl Sandberg, Mother Teresa and so many more women who have led the world and made it a better place that they should have more respect than they do. Women can build empires and families and so much more. Don’t ask for permission women, do your own thing.

If it were not for the women in my life I wouldn’t be the same. A strong woman is a powerful force that can shape the future and impact the present. It’s time for one to lead a good nation into the future. That is also something that is to be determined.