Daily Prompt: Meddle

There is a difference between heavy metal and heavy meddle. One is music and the other is someone who gets in your business and other affairs. No one likes to be meddled with whether it be family or friends. The right to do what you like is something people take seriously. I remember the cartoon Scooby Doo where the teen detectives meddle in the business of the guy trying to scare people off. Perhaps its best not to meddle in other people’s stuff because it could come back to bite you.

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Daily Prompt: Bottle

My emotions and feelings you can find in a bottle. Yeah as a man sometimes I keep stuff there. You know we aren’t always good at sharing and that sort of thing. Putting a cap on that bottle keeps everything inside, makes life less messy. You know it harms the person and the people they love when they keep things bottled up. However it’s what many people do. I even preach its OK to share the spiritual and emotional load with others but I suck at practicing that. Bottles come in handy for drinking stuff too so you can handle your life that way too.

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Daily Prompt: Total

We obsess with the notion of how much we lose, gain, acquire and how we impact our Total. Our work judges us by our total this or that and if we are doing this or that well. Total is also a breakfast cereal that is found on a grocery store aisle so we eat it too. When we are good at a lot of different things we are the total package. Calculators, spreadsheets, sports stats are something that involves totals. When at war total devastation is the aim for those on the battlefield. Total means a lot of different things to different people. What is your total?

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Back In Black (with blue trim) On My Blog!

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I am in one of those moods to be a little dark so I changed things again on the blog. Twenty Sixteen is a great theme I have used before that showcases posts and info quite well. You can customize it to be as dark or as light as you want. Part of me is feeling a little “dark and rebellious” so there ya go. Enjoy!

Daily Prompt: Radiate

The sun and heart radiate warmth. Both things that are good and necessary for a good life. We need more things that radiate positivity in such a negative world. People who radiate light and love can change things for the better and we need that now more than ever. It all starts from the center of each of us and spreads out to others. We make a choice every day in what we reflect to those around us and that can influence people more than you know.

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Daily Prompt: Infuse

From what I am seeing these days we need to infuse some hope, optimism and more importantly love into life. So many things have gotten us down that we need something to lift us up. Infusing good things into our lives will make things better I think. We need something to make things better for all. What you put into something can make the difference. An infusion of positivity can do amazing things and can change people fundamentally.

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