Sunday Reflection – 09182022

In the afterlife, money won’t mean much. You can’t carry it or anything else with you. Forgiving debt is a moral thing to do. We can’t get away from taxes, mortgage/rent, and everyday expenses but there are things we can do to make life easier for those we love and those who just need a break that we can provide.

Justice is an important thing and it’s what can make the biggest impact on our world. It comes in many forms and it’s amazing. So many people are struggling in one way or another and if they can encounter some grace and mercy it could do something wonderful for them.

Don’t forget to love and forgive those who need it and that includes yourself.

Read All About It, Carefully

I am a long-time news junkie. Current events have been something I have been interested in since I was a kid. These days the news has become more tabloid it seems. Headlines are clickbait and you have to read things with a good amount of skepticism.

The truth is out there but finding it can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to check out multiple sources especially when you see breaking news.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Keep an open mind to what you see and hear. Comments can break your brain and hurt your heart.

Read all about it but don’t do so with rose-colored glasses.

Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

Thank you for the birthday wishes good people. I will admit I don’t always feel worthy of it. I guess that is what grace and kindness are all about. As I go through the next year my hope is for peace, love, acceptance, kindness, and good tidings for each of us and the world.

As Spock from Star Trek always says Live Long and Prosper.

My 51st birthday.

The Friendship And The Following

Thanks for continuing to follow along here. I hope what you see here is worth your time and attention. The thing about a personal blog is that you post about what’s in your head (in my case most times weird stuff) and on your heart (the world needs more heart). Most of my stuff is a hodgepodge of things which is what blogging does well. Once again thanks for your friendship and the following. Peace to you all.

This Is The Day For Left-Handed People Like Me

August 13th is a day for left-handed people to celebrate what we do to make the world a better place. We are unique and some of us are quirky. To my fellow southpaws, I salute you today. We must hang in there together. Be proud to be lefties.

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