Take Care This Monday My Friends And Neighbors Near And Far

My friends have a good Monday. Take care of others and yourselves. Watch out for your friends and neighbors. Be careful and mindful of those around you. Do good things wherever you are today. Have a good day everyone.

Sunday Reflection: Compassion Is Powerful

Compassion is powerful. It is the act of feeling concern and pity for the misfortunes of others. It is so needed in a world where people are impacted by the Coronavirus, wildfires in the west, hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and regular situations of poverty, hunger, depression, and the like. Sometimes it means forgiving huge debts that would be impossible to repay like those who have a tough time making rent, paying medical bills, and the like.

Compassion is powerful in that it can take the pressure off people who are at their breaking point. Desperate people who through no fault of their own cannot seem to get ahead. Sometimes the system just doesn’t work for them. It means being fair and just which can mean the difference in the lives of those who need it most. The important thing to know is that you could be the person in peril, facing a mountain you cannot climb and one paycheck away from losing it all. We are all in that boat whether we like to admit it or not.

Compassion is powerful in that it works both ways. Everyone is worthy of it. Now that is not to say that one should compassion be a way for someone to take advantage of you, but it can be a way that shows a better way of living.

Compassion is powerful in that you can find your way of doing that for others. Now is not the time to be focused on ourselves but to make the world a better place by giving our friends and neighbors a much-needed break. Harness that power you must give breath and life to those in need.

Reflections On A Friends Funeral

Pardon me if this particular Saturday seems a little somber there is also some hope and perhaps some inspiration here.

At my friend’s funeral today, she was remembered fondly by her granddaughter and the minister for all the things in the gift that is life. It’s that memory that hopefully can give comfort and perhaps inspire us all to emulate the good things about that person.

Frances, who passed away on Wednesday was like an aunt to me. My grandmother and Frances were friends who did stuff like shopping together and enjoying fellowship in their church.

The big takeaway is that how much she did for others as a banker and worker in the church and with a local charity. In my life, I have tried to do things for others and think about serving where I could. After the funeral sermon today I feel like I have done good and I am doing good. Doing things that need doing are good things for all of us to do. I hope to honor those who have influenced me to do good by doing my best. Its all anyone can do in this life.

Wednesday Wisdom: Resolving An Issue

Resolving conflicts means taking your issues to those who are causing the problem. Sometimes it requires others to get involved to mediate and help facilitate reconciliation. So much of what we see is airing of grievances in the public spaces that it causes a bigger problem than there should be. Resolving issues requires listening, communication, patience. Sometimes it means a separation or an agreement to disagree but that should only come as a last resort. Hopefully all things are done from a place of respect and dignity. What the world needs now is people coming together when possible.