Personality is so personal. It comes down to being yourself whoever that is. Being genuine can be a challenge too. All we can do is hope that people can accept us and there is no problem with impostor syndrome. Here’s to living your life on your own terms.

Another Blood Donation Day -@bloodassurance

It was another donation day at Blood Assurance. Today my blood type was needed because of a trauma situation in a local hospital. Giving saves lives and I’m always glad to give at the office.

WordPress Listened To The User

It appears WordPress listened to its users and returned to its old pricing schemes/plans. Not too long ago they made some changes that impacted many bloggers who just want to do this as a hobby. Thank goodness they were willing to do this.

For more information check this article out. I hope they will continue to listen to us.

Co-rona on The Rebound?

Photo by CDC on

It looks like the Coronavirus variants are making a comeback. Today at work I got a company-wide email about the spread and what’s going on with it. I hate to see people getting sick again or for the first time.

I hope that it won’t mean a return to full-time mask-wearing but I fear it will. Let’s hope the numbers will go back down. There is too much going on in the world and we can only take so much.

Be careful and stay well.

Logging Off Twitter

I decided to log off Twitter for a while. Lots of doom scrolling going on there it is not good for me or anyone. It’s a platform that seems to be getting full of negative stuff. Of course, I will miss the breaking news there, but you know there are other ways of finding out about what’s going on in the world.

Sixteen Candles In The 1980’s

Thanks to 80’s movies I can see the type of parties I didn’t get to go to as a teenager. Sixteen Candles is an iconic movie of the era that proves we from back in that day sure knew how to throw a rager.

I turned sixteen the year after this movie was released.

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