Thinking About Leaving Tumblr

I blogged at Tumblr for years but now I am contemplating leaving it. Some of the people there I have made connections with in other places. One blogging platform should do the trick. I have enough people to keep up with in other places. Just something to ponder.

Something About Tumblr

​A friend of mine deleted her Tumblr blog after being harassed by some who had issues with the fandom they feel passionate about. I thought Tumblr was a cool and safe place for everyone. It seems it isn’t. I’m sorry she did that but it seems Tumblr has a way to go to become that place of open mindedness and true freedom of expression. Fandoms are highly personal things so when one is attacked because of uninformed people saying ignorant things then perhaps it’s time to run along. I’m glad to be on WordPress.

Something About What Makes A Blogger, Numbers Don’t Tell The Whole Story #wordpressdotcom

keep-calm-and-read-my-blog-39Blogging is a noun and a verb. It is something you do and is something you are. Your number of followers do not determine your value as a blogger because I think the quality of your connections is what matters most. Some bloggers have a large following while others have a few friends and neighbors tagging along. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have thousands of people visiting daily. A blog that comes from the heart will tell a great story and will bring people along organically. Don’t worry about your stats especially if you are an amateur. It’s good to celebrate milestones of people following but don’t get hung up on that. Every blog has a place in cyberspace.

No two bloggers are exactly alike. Their mission and purpose are determined by the writer and curator. I think individuality matters. Be yourself within your blog and create posts in your own way. Be sure your blog looks alive and tells the reader something about yourself.

As a person who runs a personal blog I am not out to be wildly popular but to share my message with all who will hear it and will connect with me. Being happy with what you have and be proud of your blog.

The one thing I always say is keep on blogging!

Farewell Tumblr Blogs 2011-2015. #tumblr #wordpress

Today I deleted two Tumblr blogs where I chronicled and curated the things in my life that are important to me. I was there from 2011 to 2015 and I created thousands of posts there. I am a sentimental person so this was a bittersweet thing for me. Sure I could have kept them around but it felt like the right thing to do. The smaller your digital footprint the better according to experts. Importing them to WordPress made the process an easier one. The more I use the more I like it. Friends I am glad to be among you and thank you for accepting me in this incredibly creative community.

You can check out those posts @ The Tumblr Years of Tony Burgess where you can learn more about my blogging past.

Verizon Ends Yahoo Independence With $4.83 Billion Deal – Bloomberg


Verizon Communications Inc. agreed to buy Yahoo! Inc.’s web assets for $4.83 billion, ending the company’s two-decade run as an independent business that took it from Stanford University startup at the dawn of the internet age to also-ran behind nimbler online rivals such as Google and Facebook Inc. Verizon Ends Yahoo Independence With $4.83 Billion Deal – Bloomberg

I have used Yahoo off and on over the past 20 years of being on the World Wide Web. Yahoo Mail was the thing back in the day and almost everyone had an address.

Hearing the news of the sale to Verizon saddens me a little because this was a once mighty company who made the Internet what it is today and they sold just to survive. Verizon earlier bought AOL which is another old tech company everyone used. Yahoo didn’t innovate fast enough and they weren’t ready for the mobile revolution we see today. I have a history with Tumblr which was bought by Yahoo awhile back and it will be interesting to see how this plays out there. I think Verizon will do some good things but I don’t expect Yahoo to remain what it is today or what it was yesterday.

Rambling About Reblogging

I wish there was a setting that would prevent selected blogs from being reblogged by other users. Personally I don’t reblog a lot of stuff because I believe in generating original content. I will only reblog something if it fits in the philosophy of my blog. There is some value in reblogging because of the traffic it generates but there is also a creepy aspect about re-posting something personal from another blogger. With a little imagination and creativity people can do amazing work.

I Am No Longer Using Snapchat

snapcode-300x300Snapchat the popular photo texting app thingy is now off my phone. It is a very big app in terms of space and I wasn’t using it much because I just couldn’t get into it. I will stick with the apps and services I tend to use more such as WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr.

You can find me in most places @tonyburgess1969

Blog Platform Blocking

adblock_236247622-thumb-380xauto-3929Every blogging platform should have a blocking feature as to protect people from unnecessary harassment and hate. Too many folks out there are ridiculed and bullied for no reason at all. Protecting one’s heart and soul online is imperative these days. We can’t take any chances especially with younger folks who are the most vulnerable. One day I hope WordPress will have such a feature. We cannot take any chances in the world in which we live.