It’s Finally September, August Sucked


August 2019 was the worst month. Losing my dad was horrible and turning 50 was overshadowed by all that happened. I am so glad it is September and I welcome it with full spirit. Have a great month good people.

OMG It’s August Already!


Can you believe it’s August already? Where is the time going? I am hoping for good things this month and the rest of 2019. Up until now this year has been a mixed bag of things. Maybe this new month can do some things to redeem the year so far.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy Saturday friends! The weekend is in full swing and that is cool. So far today I have dealt with some stuff around the house including recycling and trash, spreading out gravel in our driveway and started laundry. Earlier this morning we had breakfast with my parents and sister. Of course I am checking out some blogs and posting to my own. Iced coffee is in a Coca-Cola glass which is helping me to keep going. There is still other stuff I need to do like tidying up spaces around the house. Today is a day to be productive but to also chill out when I can. It’s going to be a good day, I hope.

Whatever you are doing today I hope its fun. Enjoy the day and of course keep on blogging.