Seventeen Years With WordPress

This achievement snuck up on me today. I can’t believe it’s been seventeen years since I first got a blogging account. I have not been posting regularly all those years but it’s cool to be recognized. Thanks to everyone who has made these years of blogging fun a reality. As I always say, keep on blogging good people.

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day and I want to salute all moms who are true heroes. Some mothers are biological, some through adoption, and some care for kids who are in need, through various situations. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful pet moms who have two and four-legged kids. Many parents out there are both mother and father and that is to be saluted. Some have strained relationships with their mothers and that cannot be ignored. No matter what I hope you all have someone you can call mom to be there for you. Thank you Moms of all persuasions.

No Phone Friday

Hello friends, I hope your day was great. The weekend is here.

I grew up in a time before cell phones. I survived. Fast forward to the times we live in today and I am kinda lost without my phone. Disconnecting every once and a while is not a bad thing and to survive 8 hours without my Google Pixel 5a is not a death sentence. Sure it’s inconvenient but I made it. I was productive at work. You have to adapt but isn’t that what humans do. Some people have downgraded to a pre-smartphone device such as a flip phone or the immortal Nokia.

My Mrs. is having to wait for a replacement for her phone that is not working now. It won’t arrive for a couple of days.

So at the end of the day, I have it back. Perhaps I need more time away from it.

Fresh Win 10 Install #Windows

As in life, a fresh start is good for your computer. I have completed doing a fresh install of Windows 10 on both my desktop and laptop. It really is good to do this regularly. Don’t forget to back up your data before you do. I have OneDrive as a cloud backup which makes doing backups easier. As long as your data is backed up making changes to your software and hardware is a snap. I haven’t decided if I am going to reinstall Ubuntu. Windows 10 is pretty good for the time being if you ask me.