Sunday Reflection – Community

Being in a community means different things to different people. Whether it be in-person or virtually having connections hopefully can create a bond that can convey respect and love. Barbara Streisand sang “people who need people are the luckiest people in the world” and I tend to agree with that. Of course, boundaries are essential for healthy connections and community.

You create a society in schools, libraries, retail shops, work, museums, sports, houses of worship, and other spaces. Of course, online communities can transcend time and space. Many online communities came about from the Coronavirus pandemic. In any case, it requires being intentional about making communities work and thrive.

I hope I am the best person I can be no matter what community/group I find connections in. Hopefully, building connections can make us all better people.

Thought Of The Day 12082022

There are times when I am down and don’t want others to be down, so I find it within me to be positive. It’s hard but worth it. However, I do know that an empty cup cannot fill other cups that are empty too.

In The Ordinary

Give me the ordinary times over the times when life is way more exciting than I can handle. Boring can be best when chaos is all around you. I find that the world needs more ordinary people, places, and things. Be grateful for the opportunities to enjoy simple pleasures. Rest and renewal of your mind, body, and spirit can do you good. Life is found in the ordinary.

The Friendship And The Following

Thanks for continuing to follow along here. I hope what you see here is worth your time and attention. The thing about a personal blog is that you post about what’s in your head (in my case most times weird stuff) and on your heart (the world needs more heart). Most of my stuff is a hodgepodge of things which is what blogging does well. Once again thanks for your friendship and the following. Peace to you all.