Work Hard

Work hard and things will come to you. There are times when you don’t wanna work hard and you just wanna get by. Life is demanding but you don’t have to give and give until you have nothing left. Work hard when you feel like it. It’s alright.

Sunday Reflection – No One Is OK

I am not OK. You are not OK. None of us is OK. Now that we have that established we are all humans in need of healing. We all have different ways of getting help. The reality of it all is that being honest about how we are feeling can get us closer to being whole.

As a human believer, I am not perfect and sometimes the divine has to step in to give me comfort and assurance. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you are free from the troubles of the world. Sometimes life is about going through troubles and having the creator walk with you through it all.

No matter what, just hang in there. Know that there are people out there to encourage you. Hope is also a powerful thing. Also, there is that thing called love where many of us are going to know they will make it knowing that no one is OK. OK.

Grace and peace to you all my friends.

Sunday Reflection – 09182022

In the afterlife, money won’t mean much. You can’t carry it or anything else with you. Forgiving debt is a moral thing to do. We can’t get away from taxes, mortgage/rent, and everyday expenses but there are things we can do to make life easier for those we love and those who just need a break that we can provide.

Justice is an important thing and it’s what can make the biggest impact on our world. It comes in many forms and it’s amazing. So many people are struggling in one way or another and if they can encounter some grace and mercy it could do something wonderful for them.

Don’t forget to love and forgive those who need it and that includes yourself.

Thought Of The Day 08252022

One side has policies and acts for the middle class while the other holds rallies and is actually friendly to corporations and the like.


Why defend corporate tax breaks when most people won’t benefit from them? Also, why not support college loan forgiveness when many people will benefit from it? It seems that greed and selfishness are moral failures here.

The Friendship And The Following

Thanks for continuing to follow along here. I hope what you see here is worth your time and attention. The thing about a personal blog is that you post about what’s in your head (in my case most times weird stuff) and on your heart (the world needs more heart). Most of my stuff is a hodgepodge of things which is what blogging does well. Once again thanks for your friendship and the following. Peace to you all.

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