Personal Random Stuff

I remember when I was more outgoing. Not much of that anymore. The older I get, the more I am just making it daily. My thoughts of the past are a reminder of where I have been. My thoughts of the present are living in the moment. My thoughts about the future are a total mystery.

I don’t know where I am going but my memories tell my story which is pretty dull if you ask me. Time does keep on ticking and it’s a minute-to-minute deal. It’s my hope that people will still appreciate me even though I seem to be more Eeyore than Tigger these days. Let’s see what happens, I guess that is the dramatic part.

I am sure some of you feel the same way. We gotta stick together then.

Something About Working

Lots of people out there live paycheck to paycheck. Jobs keep roofs over heads and food on tables. Some are looking for that next opportunity to work and contribute to our world in their own way. If you can, help those who want to get back on their feet but need encouragement when things are tough. There is also no shame in struggling and doing the best you can. May all those in need find what they are looking for in this life that we share together.

The Real Me Is Who You See

So much of what we see on social media is curated and controlled. We all know that life is crazy and chaotic and that is what is below the surface. Not many people want others to see that side of their lives. However, it’s what makes a person more interesting. Seeing warts and all makes for a better story because it means you are trying to learn and grow. I think people hope they can be something different online at least. I cannot pretend to be anyone else. I am not that good of an actor.

Over the past few years, I have experienced loss, we all have. We experience things that change who we are. I used to be an overwhelmingly positive person and a people pleaser. Now I am a little jaded and kind of grouchy. You know that is OK because people and life change daily. I experience depression and anxiety and I am getting help with that. More men need to do that sort of thing.

None of that changes my desire to be kind. Being a jerk to me is not an option but it does mean I reserve the right to be flawed. Everyone struggles and it’s not cool to add to that struggle.

My friends, I try to be who I am in my physical existence in my virtual existence. Don’t expect perfection because there isn’t a perfect person who posts to this blog or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Being genuine and real means something or at least I hope it still means something.

Protecting Kids

Want to keep children safe, ban assault weapons, and have rigorous background checks to buy guns. Also, have health care that will help them when they get sick. Increase education spending too. Banning books because it makes you uncomfortable isn’t the way to do it.