Spirit Day 2017 #spiritday #lgbtq

Spirit Day is dedicated to bring awareness of the bullying of members of the LGBTQ community. Bullying is wrong and should not be tolerated. These folks want to live their lives in peace and freedom of fear. I salute this effort to make our communities safe for all. I love my friends who are LGBTQ and they make the world a better place by being who Good created them to be.

#Millennials And #Blogging

It seems that millennials have taken to blogging to tell their stories and to share their interests. I’m wondering what you think on this trend. Either way it’s good to see people blogging again.

Me Too, Be Strong Sisters

I salute all the women who are speaking out about their experiences online. What they went through is nothing to laugh at or to mock. Unfortunately we live in a time when women have to still fight for better treatment and equality. It’s my hope that as time goes by that our mothers, sisters, cousins, wives and friends will not have to fear walking down the street or interviewing for a job or anything like that. Be strong those who are brave to say “Me Too”.

Thank You WordPress.com For A Wonderful Blogging Platform #wordpressdotcom


Thanks to the people at Automattic and WordPress.com for creating a great blogging platform for expression and community and connection. I am grateful to them for doing all the heavy lifting of hosting and behind the scenes stuff. Supporting them is something I gladly do. I will be renewing my personal service tier soon. Keep on blogging fellow WordPress peeps.

Something About Harsh Critics

It’s pretty remarkable how mean some folks can be when someone does something out of the goodness of their hearts that might not be perfect or what they had in mind. Throwing criticism around is a easy thing to do these days. Granted in some situations you have to call things like you see it but for the most part the opinions of others can come across as destructive. Seems like the harshest critics are ones with a Internet connection and a social feed. There is the forgotten art of gratitude it appears. Sad.