Take Care This Monday My Friends And Neighbors Near And Far

My friends have a good Monday. Take care of others and yourselves. Watch out for your friends and neighbors. Be careful and mindful of those around you. Do good things wherever you are today. Have a good day everyone.

Sunday Reflection: New Information #sundayreflection #sunday

It would be safe to say the world is complicated. Much like relationships you see on Facebook or Twitter. We don’t like complicated things much these days. Simplicity is much preferred.

To transition from the complicated to the simplified requires information. I will be the first to say that information can change things. I tend to be more black or white instead of shades of gray. We find new facts in those shades of gray. Life is fluid. We should be too. Our collective table can be expanded when we look at others from a new perspective.

The best people learn new things so that they can do new things and relate to others in a whole new way. The keyword here is new. We have old ways of assuming things but something comes along that makes sense and helps us grow. Being open to new things can make the world a better place for everyone.

Teachable moments are all around us if we are paying attention. Are you always right, I know I am not. Learning and growing means the world can change for the better.

Grace and peace to you all this upcoming week.

Sunday Reflection: Living On Empty

How many times have you said I have nothing left in my tank? Life has beaten you down and you cannot seem to keep going. Yeah, for me it is been for much of the past year and more. No matter what you do and what sort of responsibilities you have some situations leave you unable to do what you got to do.

Human beings have a limit, a breaking point. In my line of work, I reach that point on Thursdays and when Fridays come I feel relief. Doing everything you can means giving everything you got.

For me, 2019 was a year that took a lot out of me and now 2020 has taken everyone out of rhythm for various reasons. Think about all we have been through in recent times.

We need to be honest about our feelings about having nothing to give. It’s a raw conversation where we can begin to find our way out of those times of emptiness. For some religion is a source of life and renewal. Universally speaking we all find comfort in friendship, community, and culture.

Finding your way back takes time. Patience is a virtue. Life needs renewal, recreation, restoration. It means the manifestation of one’s intentions and being willing to receive grace so that one can begin again. May God be with you all, no matter who you are.

(This post was inspired by my priest Fr. Quinn Parman)

Saturday Thoughts: The Spirit Of Being Boho

The word Boho is one of those words you hear a lot in some areas of life but I wasn’t familiar with its larger meaning. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary its a person (such as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others. There many synonyms such as bohemian, counterculturist, deviant, free spirit, heretic, iconoclast, maverick, non-conformer, lone ranger, and so on.

Parts of me are very boho in that I am a free spirit, heretic, maverick, non conformer, While I sometimes go along to get along. Perhaps we all do this. Boho can be a style of life where you order yourself in being an individualist. The old saying you do you is one floating around there.

I think many of us have the spirit of being boho but might be too afraid to show it. The men I grew up around were very straight-laced and conformist. Many of the men I am acquainted with are like that. So I am not sure where I deviated from that influence. You could probably blame college for that and also my learning differences made me do things my own way. Taking your own path means being a lone wolf but eventually, you find your pack.

Being yourself whoever that is can be liberating, freeing but it will drive others crazy. Life is crazy and right now the spirit of being a boho can help one survive.

Some Tuesday Motivation To Get You Going

My friends I hope you find the motivation you need to get through this Tuesday. I like this meme because its true. Every day is different and motivation can be found within or externally. Hang in there and have the best day possible.