National Coming Out Day 2019 #lgbtq #comingoutday

To all those who have come out and for those who are seeking the courage to do so may you find strength and love as you live your truth. Grace and peace to you the LGBTQ community. May you be able to live your lives freely in the pursuit of happiness and equality.

Today’s World Mental Health Day #WorldMentalHealthDay

Mental health is linked to physical health in so many ways. It’s important to take care of yourself holistically because the world is a tough place to cope with.

For me in this season of life, grief is a part of that mental and spiritual health piece you cannot ignore. Losing a loved one can impact your whole being. The emotional response to loss is very individual and sorting it all out takes time.

Getting help and support can make the difference. Don’t go through the tough times alone. Plenty of people who have gone through times of illness can guide you through. Of course taking care of self is important too. Whether it be a doctor or counselor or clergy person there are resources out there when you need it.

Working on being well makes life worth living.

Happy Friday Friends, We Made It!

Its Friday and I’m so glad. We made it through another week. It’s something you can be excited about. Have a great day and weekend ahead.

Peace out!

How I Blog In The Moment

Blogging in the moment is how I post best. My favorite blogging tools are my eyes and ears. If one is paying attention to what’s going on around them inspiration will present itself. For me that means blogging and posting at a moment’s notice. It’s amazing what material and ideas you come across.