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WordPress.com Post A Day 2018 Pledge

I'm part of Post A Day 2018

It is my pledge to participate in the WordPress Post a Day program this year. Through the Daily Prompt, Daily Photo Challenge or just a post that comes from my head I will be sharing with you my blogging family the stuff that comes from my head and elsewhere.

Daily Prompt: Treat

We all need something to reward us, to keep us going. I enjoy a good treat as a way of motivating me. Everyone has their own ideas of what a treat should be. Food, favors, or other things are the fuel that can make us all work a little harder. Sometimes its just a matter of indulging yourself for no particular reason at all. So as they say in the TV show Parks and Recreation “Treat Yo Self”.

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Bloggers Coming Home, Welcome Back To Blogging

It’s good to see bloggers returning to regular posting. Without you the community is not as great as it can be. Welcome back to all who are coming home. Keep on blogging my friends. See you soon on the WordPress reader.

Encourage bloggers to come back to posting when you can.

Something Older For The Blog In The New Year

The New and Improved tonyburgess1969.net

Announcing my new and improved blog look for 2018. I have taken the four-year-old Twenty Fourteen and have tweaked the CSS to make it look very blue which is very me. I am a big fan of white font on dark backgrounds because I think its much easier to read and it gives it a certain style.

Twenty fourteen allows me to pull in my blogging community in a very effective way too because I am looking at making my blog the central social network for me in the coming year. Not only is my blog where I express myself its also a connection hub too for you the followers.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Towing and Recovery, There When You Need It

A Classic Tow Truck from The Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum, Chattanooga, TN

Tonight on the way home from dinner I came off a curb and my car’s muffler fell off its mounts. I couldn’t go any further so I had to call my insurance company to have them send a tow truck. This really nice guy that was dispatched to help me, got there assessed the problem and fixed my car on the spot. His experience and knowledge made the difference. This meant I didn’t have to go to a garage where they might have charged me to fix the problem.

My friends, you see towing and recovery trucks all over. Where there are cars there are people to help you out of a jam in case of an accident or doing something stupid like I did. These men and women are dedicated to their profession and they do it in sometimes dangerous conditions. Whenever you come across a tow truck operator thank them for what they do to keep people safe and to keep traffic flowing.

Thank you tow truck operators for all you do.