No Ordinary Friday…It’s Friday The 13th!


Today is Friday the 13th (cue ominous music). This is most superstitious of days. For some this is not a pleasant day but for others it isn’t so bad. It’s fun to look at all these things you aren’t supposed to do today but could taking it seriously also be a wise thing to do? No matter your own personal take on today I hope it’s a good one free from all the crazy, mysterious stuff.

Yet Another Theme Change…

I wanted to do something different than just a blog and to challenge my ability to take a stock theme and customize it to the way I wanted it to look. Using the Sela theme that is somewhat light and airy I tweaked it using some CSS and gave it the Tony touch. The blog functions as a website as well as a blog so I have the best of both worlds. Let me know how you like it and is it easy to navigate. Thanks for putting up with my changing stuff around. As long as you can read it on all your devices that is what I am going for.

And Wait For The Feedback

Whenever you post anything you then wait for some sort of response to what you have created. Sometimes the wait is very short and other times the wait is very long. One should never expect 100% positive comments to ones post but when a person comes in hot with some really negative space feedback then it kind of jars you makes you feel like perhaps you should have said something different.

Here’s how I respond to negative space feedback…I delete it. Yep, delete immediately. This blog is here to promote positivity (but realism definitely has its place here) and I want to make that point clear for everyone. Yeah I am a sensitive person that’s why I take time away from Facebook when things get too hot there. My blog is a refuge, a haven and I don’t want to respond to negative stuff.

I will never get personal or attack anyone however I do reserve to be righteously angry about injustice, hatred and that sort of thing. When you write something personal and meaningful to you I think there should be some safe space and perhaps saying nothing is better than going negative.

And yet we all wait for the feedback and hope that its good, constructive and helpful.

Three Days, Three Quotes

My fellow blogger Denny challenged me to do a 3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge and I have accepted. If you are a frequent visitor here I do love quotes and have almost 200 or so quotes posted on this blog. I even have a category in the special features menu above where they are curated and collected. I will be posting three new quotes starting today and running through Wednesday. There might even be a bonus quote if the inspiration strikes.

At the end I will nominate 3 fellow bloggers to follow suit. Stay tuned!


About Following This Blog and Who I Follow #blogging #wordpress

pexels-photo-262508.jpegI am a friendly and open person. When it comes to my blog all I want following are real, live people and not any sort of business or brand or any site that just exists to hock their wares. The type of connections I want here are person to person, human to human. Any site that looks like a bot or any sort of SEO thing will be blocked by me. Don’t even bother following if you aren’t an actual human being. My blog is about making two-way conversations and I am not interested in any sort of commercial transactions. So I am picky about who I let follow and I think everyone else should be too.

The Tony Burgess Blog – New Theme, Big And Bold

Screenshot 2018-03-27 at 7.59.23 PM

I have used the Toujours theme before but I wanted it to look the way I wanted. It took me some time to find the CSS coding to make it look the way I wanted but after much research on the web and trial-and-error I have made it mine. The coloring is based upon the college where I got my bachelors degree, Middle Tennessee State University’s school colors which is blue and white. Everything on it is bigger and bolder than I have ever done before. It’s easy to read and use, well at least I think so. Let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome.