Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Daddy

I still think of my father as a daddy. Yeah I am almost 50 but I still see my father through the eyes and heart of a kid. I don’t call him daddy but I prefer the word dad but you get where I am coming from. My daddy is slowing down and his health isn’t so good these days. Really, its hard for me to see the reality of seeing this man I have known all my life not be able to do the things he has always done. It’s all about aging at this point. Daddy you are still number one.




A Ramble About Mental Health

A group from my church are exploring mental health and supporting one another in those situations where life gets too much. Having resources and compassion can help a great deal. Across the blogosphere much is written about the subject and I will admit I don’t know it all but from my experience admitting you have a problem, getting help and even medication can help you through the tough times.

Personally I am dealing with depression so I am coping the best I can. There is way more to it I know but you know support and understanding is important. Bring those into the fold who suffer and make time to help and get help. This is the first I will post on this issue as I learn much more.