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It Finally Stopped Raining Where I Live


It finally stopped raining here in the Chattanooga area. We have had 3 straight days of it and we haven’t seen the Sun since Friday I think. Rumor has it that it will make an appearance today. I know rain is a necessary thing but when it keeps coming it can be hard to get around. The rain can give you the blues especially if you make your living outdoors. Needless to say I am ready to dry out a bit. Excuse the language of my graphic but the sentiment is real.

Tired Of The Rain Already

It’s been raining here off and on for the last couple of days and I am ready for it to stop. Yes rain is necessary to replenish and nourish nature but I kind of hate getting wet. It’s Fall in North America but does it have to rainfall so much. Wow, let’s dry things up a little. But hey, our hydrangeas and grass are getting watered for free.