Happy 48th Birthday To Yours Truly!

Today I turn another year better, wiser, nerdier. It’s my 48th birthday and I am not sure how I feel yet. Celebrating another trip around the sun is always a good thing but what you do in all those trips and how you live is what matters most. I won’t be taking today off which is what many people do on days like this. Let’s make today a day of celebrating all our lives no matter what stage in life we are.

Dear Friends, Thank You For Your Birthday Greetings

Dear Friends, thank you for your happy birthday greetings today. There are a lot of you and I want to extend many thanks for your kind words and warm greetings. Grace and peace to all of you for your love and kindness.

Today I went to work, did Zumba this evening and had special birthday bowl of chili. It was a good day, good people.

Birthday bowl of chili, thanks to my wife, Laura.