What This #Blogger Is All About

I write for expression and to help make sense of it all. Blogging for me is a means to connect with people. My hope is that I inform, inspire and perhaps lift some folks up. Sometimes I am very serious and other times a bit silly. You have to find a balance between the two. People need other people who will make their lives better and I think blogging can be a way to make that happen.

For me, blogging is just like talking. Jared Polis

This blog comes from a place of personal reflection, justice, inclusion, peace, faith and a spirit that seeks to cover the blogosphere with a lot of grace. I have said this before that blogging is my second religion.

My point of view comes from seeing and experiencing what is going on in the real world. Granted I have a Utopian hope for the here and now and tomorrow that everyone is cared for, nurtured and loved. I have said before if all people don’t have a place at the table or in the blogosphere then it is a threat to all of us.