Wednesday Wisdom: A Little More Action, Please #WednesdayWisdom

When you say you are a part of something people will believe you based on your actions. It’s my experience that people want to see less conversation and a little more in the doing part.

Doing what you say you will do matters and yes, I am not always good at doing that which is partially just being lazy and being imperfect. Like every other human I am a work in progress. Action is a good goal if you ask me.

However, we have it in us to do things that will draw people into our cause. Setting a good example and being a role model can bring more people to the table which can be oh so important.

Always be that person who strives to do their part and makes a change in the world. It will be amazing in how many people will be impacted hopefully for the better. A little more action, please.

Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Learning

Everyday is an opportunity to find out something you didn’t know before. If you pay attention you might encounter something new will inspire you to find out more. The amount of knowledge in the world is amazing. I suspect no one will know everything there is to know about everything. Facts are important here as to differentiate between spin and opinion. Wisdom can help us apply our new found information. Learning is indeed a life-long process and it is more about action than anything else. Maybe if we did more learning it would inspire us to change ourselves and the world around us.

Thought Of The Day

Religion and knowledge can work together to bring meaning to our lives. There shouldn’t be an adversarial relationship here. The more you know about your faith and the mechanics of the world can only make you a better person. It’s important to know that ones higher power has a lot to do with the chaos of creation.

This is inspired by the eulogy of a funeral I went to today.

Be Humble In What You Know Just Saying

I have found that being wise is different from knowing stuff. There are people who stockpile knowledge and use it to elevate their self-esteem. People have studied subjects for years and have cultivated and curated knowledge through hard work and dedication. Whereas some folks like to show off what they think they know just because they read it in one book or on a website. Sounds familiar and personal right?

Personally, I am not a fan of people who think they know everything about something just to show off. Listening to a learned teacher who can impart knowledge is always preferable because they have not only read they have sorted things out through some deep reflection and contemplation.

To the old, try not to know better because of your age and life experience. To the young just chill out and be sure you know of what you speak about.

In short share what you know and admit when you don’t know jack. Be humble and willing to learn new things, just saying.

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