Pentecost Sunday, The Fire Of The Faithful

Pentecost is a Christian holiday that takes place on the 50th day after Easter Sunday. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts of the Apostles.

I celebrate this day as a believer. It’s important to observe days like this because it’s a reminder of the mission of the faithful to share the fire of faith that sustains me and charges me with being in the company of saints and sinners.

Blue-Collar Believer

It’s crucial for churches to embrace the thought of its members who come from all walks of life and occupations. Many are paycheck-to-paycheck and do what they can to contribute with a mix of service and giving what they can financially. Every person has a responsibility to add to the life of the congregation. I consider myself a blue-collar Episcopalian and that is a concept I feel would be best explored. No matter what is in one’s bank account, what is in their hearts and souls matters most.

Music Of The Spirit

This morning my priest started a series of faith formation classes on music and how it informs and inspires believers spiritually. It’s about engaging the heart as well as the soul in coming closer to one’s higher power. Music can move you more than just words alone.

How Sweet The Sound from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, TN.

Music has a long history in religious life. Its expression comes in various genres and different sects of Christianity and other faiths. Coming from a Team Jesus perspective I can say that music is an integral part of everything done in the church. In the coming weeks, I will be posting about what we are learning and hopefully listening to.

Second Sunday Of #Advent At St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

It’s the second Sunday of Advent at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. It was a good service and we have new lights in the sanctuary. Everything is brighter.

First Sunday Of Advent At St. Peter’s Episcopal

Today is the first Sunday Of Advent in many places in the Christian Tradition. I am serving in worship at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church today. The road to Christmas has begun for real. Have a great Sunday everyone.

Giving Blood On A Sunday

I donated blood today at Church which brings together a couple of worlds of mine. Twice a year we do a blood drive which I organize because it helps those in need. In full disclosure, I work at Blood Assurance which is our regional blood bank that brings a mobile donation unit to the church. We do this as an outreach to our community to provide life-saving blood to patients in the hospitals we serve.

A Graduation from the Education for Ministry Program of The Episcopal Church

Tonight I graduated from the Education for Ministry course that is a program of the University of the South at Sewanee which is an Episcopal university in Sewanee Tennessee. This was a four-year course in Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Theology. I am not the best student but I made it through and I am grateful for making this an important part of my life. Hopefully, it will help others as it helped me. It was a challenge and I finished. Yay Me!