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#Pentecost Sunday @ St. Peter’s Episcopal in #Chattanooga


Today is Pentecost which is the birthday of the church. It’s a major celebration for many in Christianity where we are reminded the God sent down His spirit to dwell within all. Its that same spirit where everyone is gifted special talents and abilities for use in not only the church but the global community. This time is also a reminder of ones baptism. It was a great time of being with God and together as a faith community.

A Holy Saturday Comment

Yes, Sunday is coming but its Saturday where we should feel uneasy like the disciples felt. The chaos of that day when Jesus in their minds was dead is something to be contemplated. We cannot ignore that in-between when all Hell seemed to be breaking loose and Jesus’ crew were shaking with fear. I think its that experience that should never be glanced over. For many of us its that uncertainty where faith, belief and truth are tested.

Good Friday Reflection

On a day where the sacrifice of the greatest man who ever lived is remembered it’s good to remember the ways he showed how to love and live no matter the cost. The death and resurrection was just the beginning of the story for the people of Jesus. His love does not discriminate and is open to all and those who follow him are expected to emulate that daily in everything they do. Ultimately it’s about forgiveness and it’s something everyone can do as an act of love.