Sunday Reflection: Life In Imperfection #sundaythoughts

Patience is a virtue. When it comes to having relationships with fellow human beings it might as well be divine. Loving ones neighbor can be a significant challenge. To be fair I am not always pleasant to be with and I have my own stuff that makes people crazy. Everyone has something.

Every rose has a thorn (I heard that in a song once) and sometimes we are the rose and sometimes we are the thorn. That is a necessary truth as we don’t become full of ourselves or anything like that.

We are all in need of that thing that means that no matter what we are we are still valued, loved no matter the baggage we carry. No one is perfect. Everyone has a fault but we are also special in that imperfection. So if you are dealing with stuff know that you don’t have to go it alone. In this day we need all the support we can muster.

Friends, I hope you are doing our best. May grace be abundant. Have peace this and in the days ahead.

(This is inspired by my priest, Fr. Quinn Parman)

The Glass Is Refillable, Wow It Is!

This old saying about a glass being half full or half empty is completely rethought here. A glass can be refilled. So that is something I am working on for myself. I have a glass that is in need of refreshment. Sometimes the third option is best.

Finding Rest, A Sunday Reflection #sundayvibes

Rest is important to people. I am not talking about sleep here but something that is just as needed. There’s comfort and security to be found in resting.

What do you find rest in though? A cause, politics, religion, relationships, place. All of those things are a part of human existence in how we lean into them as a way to give us identity and purpose.

There are two sides to everything especially politics and we are seeing things get ugly. Relationships are a two way street. Causes are a reflection of our concerns and values. Religion is a definite sacred cow that can bring people together or separate them. Place can give us home where we find our belonging to something greater than ourselves.

Giving things a rest might help us finally have some peace so we can rest for real. Realizing what is important and focusing on that. Yes I need to take my own advice and some of you are the choir I am preaching to but you know we all need reminding of that.

Find something that gives you some rest good people. This world needs us all refreshed and ready for the days ahead.

(My priest Fr. Quinn inspired this post from his sermon on 7/5/2020)

Is This The 21st Century? A Commentary

Serious question, do we live in the 21st century? There are lots of things that indicate we don’t. There have been some advances but not as many as one would hope.

People are still holding fast to the ideals of an earlier age. Banners of the losing team still fly as to intimidate people. Is it possible that another war like it would come to pass?

Old men are telling women what to do with their bodies and lives as it was the 19th century. LGBTQ people still struggle with acceptance. Transgender people are getting murdered. Intolerant religions seek to impose their values on those who don’t even believe as they do.

Racism is still the pandemic it always has been. Speaking of the pandemic we are going through a plague of our own now that has killed thousands.

Billy Joel once sang “We didn’t start the fire” that might be true but there comes a time when a generation has to put that fire out. That fire still burns and it’s been too long.

There are other problems, too many to list. When will it be the 21st Century, your guess is as good as mine because I have no idea.

Starting Slow, Finishing Strong

Persistence is a very good thing. When your day starts out slow you have to keep going. Having a work ethic is one thing but also having patience is helpful too. When you have a daily goal to reach it can get frustrating when things are not happening.

Knowing how and when to make adjustments can help you get to where you want to go. Today I was at less than 50% of my daily goal. After lunch I made adjustments, found a new channel and stayed there to my benefit.

In the movie Galaxy Quest the line “Never Give Up, Never Surrender” has a lot of truth to it. It has eternal wisdom. Whether you are trying to reach your goal or you are fighting for a cause you have to be persistent and learning how to finish strong especially when you start slow.

Something Lovely For A Sunday

Hydrangeas are some of the prettiest flowers you can plant for your home. They seem to be like fireworks when they are blooming. It seems this years has a blue focus while some years are blue and pink. I hope this picture will give you some comfort in these days.