Daily Prompt: Imagination

Everyone needs an imagination to get through life. Without the power to dream and to contemplate the impossible life does not move forward. Our imagination can fuel the possibilities of today and tomorrow. Everyone needs and imagination in order for them to get through daily challenges where we need solutions. When we stop using our imagination we truly die inside. We are inspired and challenged when we imagine what can be done to make life better or to do something extraordinary. Don’t forget to use your imagination today for good, good people. As John Lennon once sang “Imagine All The People”

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Black Panther, The Best Marvel Movie Ever!


Today I saw Black Panther and it was a masterpiece. It was more than just a super hero movie it is a terrific movie all the way around. Chadwick Boseman has a habit of playing great heroes and the title role of T’Challa/Black Panther is another terrific role for him. This movie does a great job of setting up the back story and carrying the audience into the present. Michael B. Jordan plays a sympathetic villain without going over the top.

This movie takes the best of African Culture and transports us to the fictional country called Wakanda where it is one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth due to its supply of the fictional metal Vibranium.

Yeah this is a special film and in my opinion its the best made by Marvel. The upcoming Infinity War is going to have to do well to match the quality of Black Panther. I recommend you all see it on the big screen because this movie deserves it.

Daily Prompt: Present

Being present means being in the here and now. For many, me included, the past might be a more comforting place but the stark reality of what is currently happening keeps me at attention for what is going on moment by moment. Many people depend on us being present so that we may accomplish the work that needs to be done. Our lives can be impacted by the present situations we find ourselves in some of our own making some out of our control. No matter what we have to be present to our own lives.

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It’s Tuesday, In Case You Didn’t Know…

Well now we are at the Tuesday part of the week. Many of us are trying to get the flow going and to do what they gotta do in all the parts of their lives. I find Tuesdays can be a struggle because it just seems like its an extension of Monday. Today I am going to do my best and be the best person I can be or something like that. Have a great day my friends.

Boycotting The State of The Union Address For Reasons #sotu

I normally watch the State Of The Union address that is given to a joint session of Congress and most importantly the American people. However I just can’t listen to anything said by the current president. He’s not doing anything to make America “great” and most of what he will say I can’t trust. I’m not alone in this. I’m sorry, I just can’t. So tonight I will watch two TV shows about super heroes who in a fictional way are making their world’s better and safer. So The Flash and Black Lightning is where my attention will be focused. They are two heroes I can get behind. I will monitor the speech from Twitter ironically. I try to have a open mind but I have my limits.

My Trip To The Dentist Today

My visit to the dentist was a experience. I think I was in the chair for about an hour and forty-five minutes give or take. He put in a temporary crown and I go back in three weeks for the permanent one. This reminded me of how much I am not a fan of going to the dentist, nothing personal against Dr. Floyd but I can’t think of anyone who likes going to have a drill or a hook or anything else sharp put in your mouth. For me there is no sticky food or snacks for awhile but I can adapt. Let’s hope I don’t have to go through this again anytime soon. If I ever have to get dentures I am going to just die…just die I tell you.

Something About A Southern Funeral

I am in Thomaston, Georgia for the funeral of my aunt Dorothy or “Dot” as she was known by family and friends. We got here around 6:15 after enduring the awful Atlanta, Georgia traffic which is notoriously horrible.

When we got to my aunt’s house tonight we were greeted by family who were sure to feed us in the tradition of many families around the world when there is a death in the family. Now in the south it’s about fried chicken, the sides and deserts. Food is synonymous with coming together as family to remember and to reconnect. In the south when you are sick or a family member passes traditionally ones community comes to the side of those who survive. Gifts of food among other things are offered to ease the loss. Blessed are those who mourn as it says in scripture.

You know it shouldn’t take death to bring people back together in times like this. However for many family comes with complications that unfortunately cannot be overcome even in the passing of a loved one.

Dot’s funeral is on a Saturday in January at her church where she was a member for a very long time. This is the same church where her mother, my great-grandmother’s funeral was held fourteen years ago.

Her devotion to God was/is shown by her hospitality and love for family and friends. She lived a great life, a long life, a life that will be remembered.

A funeral is more than mourning the dead it can be a family reunion too. Sometimes that family is biological or chosen from your tribe of friends. It’s amazing how you can reconnect and renew the ties of family that bind you.

I know that Dot is with her mother, father, brother and sister in the company of saints above. For me I am grateful of these people’s impact on my life and how I know that life does go on in the hearts and minds who continue a legacy.

A quote I like is “Live your life so the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral” so for Dot she has nothing to worry about.