Daily Prompt: Degree

Right now students are sweating out the final exams of their university/college careers. They will walk across a stage to receive a degree that is the cumulation of years of hard work and sleepless nights. Other people are suffering burns of a certain degree that has changed their lives forever. Crimes are being committed of a certain degree of seriousness that will send someone to prison. The weather is measured in degrees. It seems that the word degree has a lot of uses and purposes depending on situations in life. Degree is also a brand of antiperspirant/deodorant that can keep people from sweating the small stuff or the big stuff.

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Thanks Bloggers

Thank you for letting me follow your blog and to know more about your world. I appreciate the connections we are making through blogging. I hope this makes us all better people.

Daily Prompt: Age

Age they say is just a number, its also a statement of your life. Each number you reach is a witness to history both personal and global. Your age means different things at different points in your life. Thirteen you become a teenager, sixteen you get to drive, eighteen you become an adult, twenty-one you get to drink (in the USA) and much later at 65-70 you think about retirement. So the older you get the more you get to experience. Age is generational and how you relate to others can be impacted by the differences in ones age. Now age can be a good thing with cheese, wine and antiques. Their value increases the older they get. At this point in my life I am trying to remain relevant and to understand the world around me. Enjoy every age you become because you are a different person each year you become.

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Daily Prompt: One-Way

Some streets are one-way, meaning there is traffic that goes in one direction. For some there is only one-way to do something. In both situations there is little choice but to go with the flow. In a world full of choice and option some find one-way a comfort and perhaps holding on to the past. Life also has one-way or another of leveling things out and making people take notice of how narrow they are thinking. One-way is not always the best way.

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I Did The Upgrade on WordPress.com


Blogging is a passion and I now have a service plan that meets that passion. I also get some more toys to play with too! Making another long-term commitment to the fine people here at WordPress.com is something I am glad to do.

International Men’s Day, Celebrate What Men Can Be Now. #internationalmensday

So I saw on Twitter today is International Men’s Day. Personally I am not sure how to address this day set aside for men considering most days are “Men’s Days” it seems. But here is what I have to say hopefully without sounding like “poor men”.

  • Men suffer from depression and mental illness which often goes undiagnosed.
  • Men are often reluctant to share their feelings.
  • Men in many areas are expected to perform historic gender roles freezing out women from opportunities.
  • Men are expected to be masculine and never show their feminine side.
  • Men are expected to be strong and never vulnerable.
  • Men are less likely to take care of themselves but will work to be sure the people in their lives have access to care.
  • People look to men to provide which is not always fair because women do it quite well.
  • Men are relegated to doing things that are not relevant in today’s world.

It’s my belief if men could share their feelings openly and freely there would be fewer problems in the world. Men are important but no more important than women or children. Men like me are just trying their best to be their best while lifting others up. Today men need affirmation so that we can do our best for family and communities. Being a man in the 21st century is different than in previous times. We should celebrate that and embrace the fact that we need both genders to make this whole thing work.

Men can be teachers, nurses, homemakers, designers and so much more if they are given the freedom to make those decisions for themselves.

New “Press This” on WordPress

Friends and fellow bloggers there is a new “Press This” blogging tool available. You can use this to share articles and other content from across the web on your own blog.

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Go to the https://wordpress.com/settings/writing/ to update the “press this” link.

Don’t Forget To Be Silly Bloggers

The most serious blogs need comic relief every now and then. It’s important to have a sense of humor and to be silly in life. All work and no play makes one dull. Post whatever makes you laugh because it might make someone else laugh too and we need all the laughter we can get these days.