I Have Been Registered With WordPress.com For Six Years #WordPress #Blogging

Six years ago I registered a domain and hosting with WordPress.com planting my flag in this great blogging community. Thanks to all who have found their way here in one way or another. I appreciate your interest and curiosity. The connections I have made over the years has expanded my horizons and understanding of life in general

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Here’s a link to my post announcing my new blogging domain.

As I always say KEEP ON BLOGGING!

Grace and Peace my friends.

A Clarification About 11 Years With WordPress.com @wordpressdotcom #wordpressdotcom

11 Years on WP.com

I posted a graphic of my 11th anniversary here at WordPress.com a couple of days ago and I feel the need to clarify something in regards to it.


While I signed up with WordPress.com 11 years ago I have blogged on other platforms such as Yahoo 360, Multiply, Blogger and Tumblr over those years. Two years ago I made the change from Tumblr to WordPress due in part to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo which is now owned by Verizon.

My transition to full-time blogging with WordPress.com is one I have not regretted. This is a great community of people to be among and there seems to be a level of “maturity but fun” that I enjoy here.

So with that being said 11 years is a long time on the Internet because so many things change. Yahoo 360 and Multiply are no longer and other services have changed in that time. I don’t mind paying a little for some advanced services here to assure that WordPress.com remains viable, independent and stable. I also like that they do all the heavy lifting for me so all I have to do is create and share.

Here is to more years of WordPressing On!

Our History of Things That Get Older Along Side Us

As you may or may not know I am 47. Yes age is just a number but when you hear that your favorite music, movie, TV show or something like that was released or opened 20, 30 or 40 years ago it makes your bones and soul hurt a little. Everything gets older, not just human beings.

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The Scenic City – Chattanooga, TN

Today we took a turn around the Bluff View Art District of Chattanooga after lunch. Tony’s Pasta shop is where we normally celebrate our anniversary but due to the fact we went to Florida on our actual anniversary those plans got put on hold. Today was overcast but not too warm so we enjoyed the afternoon hanging out in one of our places in our hometown. Within walking distance are two walking bridges, condos, the Hunter Museum Of American Art and many other cool things. Each view is wonderful and full of manmade and natural beauty that surrounds our cities downtown core.