Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the wonderful mothers out there I wish you a Happy Mother’s day. You do a lot to keep the world moving and it is appreciated. Whether you be a step-mother, mother-in-spirit or a dad who is also being a mom or a pet mom may this day be special. Grace and peace and love!

Happy Mothering Day To Those In The United Kingdom #mothersday #motheringday


It’s Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom among other places. May this day honor your contributions to your families and the world. It’s a tough time to celebrate this year but you still need to be recognized.

Happy Mothers Day To Those Moms In The United Kingdom #mothersday #england


Happy Mother’s Day to all those who are mom’s in the United Kingdom. Your role in making your country and its communities special is awesome. Some of you are playing the role of both mother and father in one person and I salute you. Thanks for being you!

Happy Mother’s Day 2017! #mothersday


To mothers in the United States and around the world you have my respect and admiration. This is a time to recognize those who play the role of mother in various forms. Mothers are biological, adoptive, spiritual, surrogate and so much more. For some, this is a difficult time because of the nature of their relationships with their own mothers so I hope they have found someone to fill in. Grace and peace and love to you all.

Happy Mother’s Day In The UK and Elsewhere #unitedkingdom


In some parts of the world, the United Kingdom specifically it’s Mother’s Day. To all those mums who are keeping their families and communities going I salute you and appreciate what you do to make the life better for those in your lives. I hope you have had a great day and have been spoiled with as much love as you give.

‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence Henderson Has Died : The Two-Way : NPR 

The actress was 82. She was one of the stars of the popular 1970s show about single parents who marry and raise six kids. It played for decades in reruns.

Source: ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence Henderson Has Died : The Two-Way : NPR

Well done “Lovely Lady”, thank you for the memories and being America’s TV Mom! You will be missed.