Happy Mothering Day To Those In The United Kingdom #mothersday #motheringday


It’s Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom among other places. May this day honor your contributions to your families and the world. It’s a tough time to celebrate this year but you still need to be recognized.

Happy Mother’s Day, To All The Moms Out There! #mothersday


To all mothers around the world I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day. You are indeed the driving force of our lives. Your leadership and service make our lives better. The things you do to make the world a better place is something to be appreciated and never taken for granted. Mothers come in various forms from biological, adoptive and we cannot forget pet moms. There are women who have no children of their own who have filled the role of mother in our lives. Some men are both mothers and fathers in one package. Grace and peace to you all and thank you we love you.

Happy Mother’s Day 2017! #mothersday


To mothers in the United States and around the world you have my respect and admiration. This is a time to recognize those who play the role of mother in various forms. Mothers are biological, adoptive, spiritual, surrogate and so much more. For some, this is a difficult time because of the nature of their relationships with their own mothers so I hope they have found someone to fill in. Grace and peace and love to you all.

Happy Mother’s Day In The UK and Elsewhere #unitedkingdom


In some parts of the world, the United Kingdom specifically it’s Mother’s Day. To all those mums who are keeping their families and communities going I salute you and appreciate what you do to make the life better for those in your lives. I hope you have had a great day and have been spoiled with as much love as you give.

Hello Saturday

Good Saturday to you all. I hope we all have a great day and that we will enjoy all the things. Today is an ideal day to blog about what’s going on as we head into a new season. How is life going  and how are you celebrating Mother’s Day?  If you haven’t posted in awhile now is the time.


Have a great day everyone. Keep on blogging