Shrove/Fat Tuesday Pancakes And Sausage #FatTuesday #ShroveTuesday #Pancakes #Lent

On Shrove/Fat Tuesday it’s traditional to make pancakes which uses up all of ones fatty stuffs such as butter, sugar, milk, etc before the season of Lent where one gives up such indulgent foods. These are my scratch made pancakes and store made maple sausage. I don’t know what I’m doing for Lent yet. I have a few hours to figure it out.

The Review: A Challenge To Do Better

Today I had my annual review at work and it was a positive one. However, there is room for improvement. In any line of work there are challenges to do more and get better. I do have some things to work on so that I can continue to be a leader and producer in my department. Time to roll up sleeves and put nose to grindstone. Time to make the calls and hope for some answers.