Colonoscopy Update

I had my colonoscopy today and most everything went fine. I have to go back for a follow-up scope to see about some things they couldn’t get to due to some minor complications. They did however remove some polyps today. After not eating anything for a couple of days I am hungry. The prep for this really does suck.

Prepping For A Colonoscopy

This is probably the last thing you would be reading about today, but I am preparing for a colonoscopy which is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. This involves a liquid diet for 24 or so hours and some stuff to clear things out. I should have had one when I turned 50 but due to circumstances I am just now getting around to it.

Sure there are worse things to get ready for like major surgery but alas I am taking this whole thing in stride. It’s helpful to see what’s going on inside you physically. After the procedure, I will have pancakes as a treat.

I’ll update you as things develop :).

Back Inside The Church House At St. Peter’s Episcopal

This was the first Sunday back in the nave/building at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church since COVID. Our church was diligent and scientific in how we approached gathering for worship inside and in-person. It felt good and a little strange but we did this the right way I feel. Everyone needs to get vaccinated so other parts of life can return to normal.