Daily Prompt – Word Of The Day: Energetic

I remember in days gone by I was much more energetic. My body produced what it needed to be vibrant and powerful. As I have aged I face depression and fatigue. Being energetic at the moment means having all things working in sync. Right now hormones seem to be running the show. I am working on becoming more vibrant and energetic because I want my spark back in whatever form that takes.


The Young People Will Win


I saw this wonderful piece of art from Gracie Lee Pekrul on Twitter and it resonated with me. Revolutions begin with people who want a better world for everyone. Thanks to all those past and present who have fought and those who continue to fight for the future. Now is the time where action means more than words to make things happen.

Election Day In Tennessee – GO VOTE #vote2018


Today is an election day in the state of Tennessee. Local races will be decided. There are primary races for Governor and Senator on the ballot today. As a citizen its ones responsibility to make your voice heard by your vote. Democracy makes your choice possible. The weather where I am is a little messy but it won’t stop me from making my way to the polls. So if you are in Tennessee you have until 8 PM this evening, go vote!