Today, December 12, 2019 Is The United Kingdom General Election #ge2019 Go Vote!

To my friends in the United Kingdom today is the day to vote. Make your voice heard. Its your duty to secure the future. Get out and vote!

Vote #Canada Vote! Make Your Voice Count On Monday #cdnpoli #elxn43


Canada goes to the polls on Monday. This is no way foreign interference but to encourage my Canadian friends to choose who will lead your nation into the future. My hope is that you will vote your values of fairness, inclusion, love and kindness. I hope you will choose wisely and make your vote count. I will be monitoring the election online via Twitter and other sources. Vote!

Election Day In Tennessee – GO VOTE #vote2018


Today is an election day in the state of Tennessee. Local races will be decided. There are primary races for Governor and Senator on the ballot today. As a citizen its ones responsibility to make your voice heard by your vote. Democracy makes your choice possible. The weather where I am is a little messy but it won’t stop me from making my way to the polls. So if you are in Tennessee you have until 8 PM this evening, go vote!

Going To The Polls: Voting Today In Tennessee


It’s election day in Tennessee. We are voting on state primaries and county general races and federal primaries. Voting is an important part of every democracy. Today’s voting leads up to the general election in the Fall when we elect a new president in the United States.

Watching The Democratic National Convention

Courtesy of Baynews9

I am a Democrat and I have been waiting for this for awhile. Without the Hillary v. Bernie thing it’s important to know how much is at stake in this election. It’s always good to be informed. Most importantly you have to vote to have your voice.

Stay or Go, The UK Decides It’s Future In The European Union #Brexit

Go-Vote-500x500The people of the United Kingdom are going to the polls today to decide whether or not to stay in the European Union. It’s a decision that has local, national and global implications on every level. Citizenship in Europe clears hurdles for UK citizens to do a lot of things in other countries in the union which works for and against the country.There is also the economic considerations for both Britain and the rest of the continent.

Granted, I don’t have a vote in this but I think the UK is better together with Europe. Perhaps some adjustments could be made to give a little more independence on some issues important to the country. Overall, it needs to be what is best for the citizens of all involved.

For more information visit the BBC website @

Fellow blogger Caroline Turriff has her own unique perspective on the situation.

Canada Goes To The Polls

The 2015 Canadian federal election (formally the 42nd Canadian general election) will be held on October 19, 2015 to elect members to the House of Commons of Canada.

Source: Canadian federal election, 2015 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To all my Canadian friends, I encourage you to go to the polls. You have a great country and your voice matters. Voting is important in all countries that exercise the right. The future is in your hands.