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Word Of The Day – Daily Prompt: Flourish

We are all looking for that place and space to find success. There is an old saying that you can bloom where you are planted however there are times when a change of location can make all the difference. To Flourish takes skill, talent and a little luck. Being affirmed in your life and work can go a long way into helping you flourish in all the ways of your life. Finding an opportunity to succeed can give your life added meaning and can give you purpose. Flourish where you can and do your best at whatever your life’s calling is.


Word Of The Day – Daily Prompt: Negotiate

Part of any transaction involves the skill of negotiation. You have to use not only technique but finesse in asking someone to do something you want them to do. Making a deal is an fine art that people practice every day. In my line of work I negotiate with people to give a unit of blood to save lives. Others hope to make a sale or to get things done. Peace requires negotiation too with experienced people making it happen. Negotiation sometimes means going through some dangerous places to get from one place to another.


Word Of The Day – Daily Prompt : Meh

Meh is one of those new words that have come along to say how unimpressed or underwhelmed we are with something. Face it, being impressed takes a lot of work and even then it still doesn’t pan out. The word meh can be disheartening but in reality its truth and that can hurt. It can mean that we have lost our enthusiasm about things and its easy to do when there is a level of burnout. We are bombarded with things begging for our attention and interest so it has to be something special or its just meh.

Meh – #WordoftheDay